Thursday, 06 August 2020 14:58

Make Every Day a Vacation at Home: Lasting Trade Offs that Make Your Home Better than a Vacation Destination

By Lou Galarneau, President of Galarneau Builders | Home & Garden

One thing we’ve learned throughout these challenging times is that there is no place like home. Traditionally, we have had to go away on vacation and come back to really appreciate the safety and security we feel in the familiar space of our homes.

But what if we made our homes so comfortable and added the right amenities that would make everyday at home feel like a vacation? With worldwide travel restrictions in place for the unknown future, staycations are surely here to stay. 

But which ones would make the whole family excited about staying home? Here are some ideas to consider when creating your very own staycation home oasis: 

 1.  Have a family meeting and talk to all members including kids and grandkids and find out what are the most exciting things they love about your vacation spots. You can use those as design inspiration to communicate to your contractor. Maybe the family “chef” wants to be outside cooking in a real kitchen and part of the outdoor fun. Maybe swimming and staying cool is the top priority? Perhaps adding a waterfall could remind them of a trip to Hawaii or installing rock pattern paths might be reminiscent of river rafting trips or a fire pit feels like camping at the lake. You get the idea here hopefully. 

 2. Talk to a reputable builder about what you want to achieve and let them design a customized plan. Then set a budget and secure financing. Most builders have contacts with funding sources and can point you in the right direction.

 3. Consider things like installing an in-ground pool, hot tub, fully equipped outdoor bar, big screen TV and lounging space, and an outdoor kitchen with oven, grills and refrigeration. How about creating a fire pit space? Consider anything that brings that resort life feeling home. 

 4. If you’re having trouble narrowing things down or just don’t even know where to begin because it feels overwhelming, then talk to a builder. Most consultations are complementary and can help you form a realistic plan that can be within budget and produced in a timely manner. 

 Best of luck in your quest to create your dream backyard oasis staycation setting. It will be worth the investment of time and money and you will reap the benefits for many years to come. 

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