Friday, 24 January 2014 12:46

Au Revoir Wisdom Teeth

By John Reardon | Home & Garden
Hello my Foodie Friends, This past week my daughter Aubrey had all four of her wisdom teeth removed. Many people need to have their wisdom teeth removed and it can be a very painful experience. Part of the experience involves not eating real food for several days. All food must be in a smooth form and not chewable. This leaves you with very limited options to get a nice meal as well as satisfying your nutritional needs. Using an immersion blender solved this problem for my daughter. My daughter’s favorite side dish, mashed potatoes, was made very easy with the use of the immersion blender and the potatoes were whipped up enough for her to easily eat. Vegetable soup was pureed enough so that she did not have to worry about chewing anything and milkshakes were made to a suitable thickness. You can use an immersion blender to quickly and easily blend, whip, and puree a wide variety of foods. Puree a big batch of soup, blend pancake batter, mix up a milk shake or whip mashed potatoes. The powerful motor blends large quantities with ease and the variable speed dial and turbo setting gives you precise, adjustable control. The durable, extra long stainless steel shaft reaches into deep stockpots and detaches with a twist for easy cleaning and storage. Aubrey survived just fine with help from Mom who kept an all-night vigil on the couch in the family room, which is right next to a big supply of ice packs in the kitchen! The immersion blender may be small but packs a lot of power and doesn’t take up the counter space those big-stand mixers and blenders require. So remember my Foodie Friends even if you’re not hungry “Life Happens in the Kitchen”. Take Care, John, Paula, Johnny and Aubrey
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