Friday, 31 January 2014 12:22

Tiny Bubbles

By john Reardon | Home & Garden
Hello my foodie friends! Do you remember the Mean Joe Greene commercial? If you do then you know it was about soda! This weekend during the Big Game a lot of soda will be consumed along with some other beverages. Did you know the average American consumes about 212 liters of carbonated drinks per year, using 676 beverage packages per person? Now multiply that times an average family of four! Math people, I’m waiting….ok it’s 2704 per family per year. With a Home Soda Maker from Sodastream, it’s just one bottle. How’s your recycling container looking? Mine is empty! Do you entertain? Have kids over to visit? Why not choose for yourself what stuff goes in the liquid you drink? You can choose how much carbonation you want in your soda and how much syrup or natural flavoring like lemon or lime. You can use your own tap water which is more closely regulated than bottled water. Make soda in less than 10 seconds with no electricity and no mess. At my daughter’s birthday party I taught about 10 teenagers how to make soda and then I got to relax. Yes that’s right - they stopped texting and made something. There is nothing to mess up because its water. There are different sizes and colors to fit your kitchen. It comes with a carbonator that can fill 60 one liter bottles. When it is empty simply bring it back to me for an exchange tank that has been cleaned checked and refilled. Most people go 1 to 2 months with one tank. How often are you driving to pick up water or soda? Here’s how easy it is: 1. Fill bottle with water 2. Put bottle in the soda maker 3. Push the button 4. In about 10 seconds a sound will tell you that is carbonated 5. If you like add syrup 6. Put cap on and turn over to mix 7. Drink it It is fun and it never feels like work. Try it and give us your feedback! I don’t know where I’ll be for the Big Game so maybe I’ll run into you in the kitchen! Remember my Foodie Friends that “Life Happens in the Kitchen” Take Care, John and Paula
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