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Property Transactions

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BALLSTON SPA 1 Meadowbrook Ct., $484,717. Thomas Building and Development Co. sold property to Jeffrey and Meghan Weygant. 77 Sweet Road, $495,000. Patricia Herron sold property to Stephen and Ryan Krampert. NYS Rte 50, $290,000. William Oliver sold property to 1240 Saratoga Road, LLC. 18 Forestbrook Dr., $287,181. Heritage Builders Group, LLC sold property to Marco and Jean Cannizzaro. 77 Church Ave., $232,000. Kathi Robbie sold property to Jeremy and Sarah Wood. 960 NYS Route 50, $650,000. Roy and Virginia Pfeil sold property to Wm H Buckley Farm, LLC. 17 Skaarland Dr., $229,000. Paul and Janet DiDonato sold property to David and Corinna Ducharme. 16 Forestbrook Dr., $269,915. Heritage Builders Group, LLC sold property to Erick Knizek. 426 Devils Lane, $125,075. John Tecza sold property to JP Morgan Chase Bank. 426 Devils Lane, $125,075. JP Morgan Chase Bank sold property to Secretary of Veterans Affairs. 38 Beacon St., $246,150. Traditional Builders LTD sold property to Helen Gillson. 121 Ballston Ave., $150,000. Patricia Clements sold property to Michelle Decota. 16 Carriage Run, $613,290. Old Westwind Farm, LLC sold property to Craig and Catherine Todd. MALTA 24 Feather Foil Way, $258,000. Dale Krings sold property to Jordan and Jessica Vinson. 124 Thimbleberry Road, $180,000. Domenico Fuda sold property to Nicole Carey. 11 Vettura Ct., $80,000. Lecmor Residential, LLC sold property to DeGraff Bloom Custom Builders. 12 Canopy Lane, $379,000. Keigh Jones sold property to Dimitrios and Despina Tsakirellis. Lot 111 Coronado Way, $344,650. John Luke Development Co., LLC sold property to Christopher and Sarah Martin. 47 Thimbleberry Road, $174,500. Peter Blessing sold property to Joshua and Jessica Pulvermacher. 1 Kendall Way, $4,965,378. Malta Associates, LLC sold property to Paradise NM LLC. 10 Arrowwood Place, $149,000. Debra Conte sold property to Michael Pandillo. 104 9th St., $109,500 Benjamin and Tammy Kirkwood sold property to Michael and Rachel Backus. 48 Admirals Way, $515,370. Malta Land Company, LLC sold property to Christian and Stacey Deloach. 128 VanAernem Road, $201,100. Gary and Lisa Dubois sold property to Shaun Donegan and Kimberly Zimbal. 6 Village View Bluff, $255,000. Ronald and Mary House sold property to Kate and Aaron Fenner. 70 Admirals Way, $501,358. Malta Land Company, LLC sold property to Robert Christine Bell. 7 Wesley Ave., $250,000. Steven and Michele Amowitz sold property to David Newsham and Eden Carnes. Lot 80 Coronado Way, $405,974. John Luke Development Co., LLC sold property to James and Robin Morgan. 58 Pepperbush Place, $165,830. Sara Ronfeld sold property to Laura Marion. 3 Callaghan Blvd., $395,299. Blitman Rosen Development, LLC sold property to Peter and Carol Schneider. 1175 Laural Lane, $214,000. $214,000. Nicholas and Rita Dispenziere sold property to Thomas Sullivan. SARATOGA SPRINGS 18 Division St., $725,000. Pioneer Savings Bank sold property to Patrick Maney, Jr. 4 Seward St., $200,000. Jeffrey and Jane Sandwick sold property to Thomas and Elizabeth Flynn. 88 Monroe St., $407,703. Ian Kenyon (by Ref) sold property to Federal Home Loan Mortgage. 589 N. Broadway, $1,280,000. John Dandolph (by Agent) sold property to Daniel Pickett. 32 Pamela Lane, $445,282. Blitman Saratoga LLC sold property to James and Genia Meinhold. 188 Washington St., $222,500. Colleen Backus sold property to Lucette Levinsky. 4 Glenwood Dr., $182,000. Faith Grey sold property to Emily and Jason Matthews. 289 Lake Ave., $165,000. Ralph Squailia sold property to Steven and Claudia Guditus. 10 Vallera Road, $292,000. Darlene Verruto sold property to Thomas Hart and Nancy Halleck. 8 Glenmore Ave., $267,500. Bernard and Debra Possidente sold property to Karen Bronson. 86 Brook Road, $281,100. Robert and Leigh Murphy sold property to Brent and Renee Frey. 14 East Broadway, $454,570. McKenzie Estates of Saratoga Springs, LLC sold property to Christopher Minahan. 17 Marion Place, $738,955. Patrick and Beth Kane sold property to George and Lauren O’Donnell. 87 Railroad Place, Unit 303, Richard White sold property to Kathleen Vidinghoff. 7 Deerleap Place, $206,250. Glenn Bois sold property to Gordon and Terra Myers. 47 Eureka Ave., $300,000. Execelsior Park LLC sold property to Richard and Joanne Farrell. 54 Doten Ave., $375,000. Stephen Ethier sold property to Trojanski Custom Builders, LLC. 27 Longwood Dr., $200,000. Joanne and Richard Farrell sold property to Excelsior Park, LLC 54 Phila St., Unit 401, $780,900. 54 Phila Street Development Co. LLC sold property to Christine and David Eppard (Co Trustees). 101 Kaydeross Park Road, $329,000. Kathleen Ringwald sold property to 351 Hempstead Owners, LLC. 241-243 Caroline St., $410,100. Willard Braim sold property to Jean Perron. 95 Ludlow St., $410,000. Hans and Susan Lehr sold property to Heather Madigan. 76 Clinton St., $680,000. Richard and Maura Catano sold property to Thomas Lillelund and Laura Cloke. 120 Catherine St., $5,100. Suzanne Moore sold property to Richard Feldman. 20 Fifth Ave., $1,315,000. Robert OHanesian and Cheryl Moore sold property to Saratoga Acquistion, LLC. 120 Catherine St., $300,000. Suzanne Moore sold property to Gregory Gerbi and Margaret Estapa. 118 Catherine St., $115,000. Suzanne Moore sold property to ANW Holdings, Inc. WILTON 444 Wilton Greenfield Rd., $115,500. Wilma Parker sold property to Bryan and Chelsie Nielsen. 59 Challedon Dr., $319,000. Lessica Boyan Leak sold property to Matthew and Jessica Lawson. 8 Snowberry Dr., $188,870. James Ivers sold property to Keri Walsh. 200 Parkhurst Road, $385,800. Robery and Madeleine Le Cours sold property to James and Kristin Markwica. 5 Maya Dr., $285,000. Lori Carmer sold property to Jonathan and Tara Bujno. 6 Hillcrest Lane, $325,000. Richard Noonan sold property to Rodney and Emily Eddy. 18 Castleberry Dr., $239,000. James and Kristin Markwica sold property to Jeffrey Moeckel. 1 Preserve Way, $650,000. Richard Etlinger sold property to Daniel and Diane Gale. 10 Primrose Circle, $665,694. Floral Estates, LLC sold property to Gregory Longo. 23 Vincek Lane, $30,000. Wellington Francisco sold property to Shaffie Mohamed. 15 Fairway Blvd., $208,000. Bernard Hassett (by Exec) sold property to Nicholas and Lauren Gush. 13 Palmer Terrace, $261,000. Donald and Shirley Needham sold property to Danielle James. 31 Cherry Tree Lane, $307,000. William and Lynette Harbourne sold property to Jason Felton.
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Property Transactions

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