Friday, 13 December 2019 10:15

Software Company Expanding in 2020

SARATOGA SPRINGS — A Canadian software company is expanding its Saratoga office in the coming year. Opin Software, founded in Ottawa in 2011, opened its first U.S. office in Saratoga Springs last year.

Opin Software is a digital agency specializing in web. The company uses an open source content management system called Drupel to build websites and web applications for both private and public sector organizations. “The open source mentality is really a core part of our identity as an organization,” said Chris Liko, a Marketing Manager in the Ottawa office. “It [open source system] enables us to provide better projects to our clients because they don’t have to waste money on licensing fees because Drupal is free software.”

When choosing the location for their first satellite office, Opin Software officials visited a few different Capital Region locations that they felt were similar to the city of Ottawa. “We wanted to find a location that best represented who we are as a business,” said Liko. “The CEO [Christopher Smith] had been visiting different office spaces in areas like Troy, Malta and Albany. As soon as he stepped foot in the office in Saratoga, he said right away, ‘This is the place.’”

One of the new hires brought on to the Saratoga office was Nicholas Longo, a Senior Account Executive. “I love the Saratoga office,” said Longo. “What really sold it for me was the culture and the city of Saratoga. The culture of the company really aligned with me.”

The company is hoping to add 5-7 new jobs in the coming year. “We operate in pods: people like project managers, designers and salespeople,” said Liko. “We’d like to organically create a new pod in that office.” Many of the current employees in the Saratoga office are from the Capital Region, and the company is recruiting at local colleges and job fairs for the new positions.

The bulk of Opin’s U.S. clients are in the Upstate region, meaning that an expansion will provide more web help and resources for local businesses. For more information on Opin Software, visit their website at

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