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Friday, 10 January 2014 11:08

Downtown Salon receives recognition for in-house education and professional culture

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Simplicity Salon and Eufora Teams Simplicity Salon and Eufora Teams

SARATOGA SPRINGS – Henry street salon, Simplicity, is unique in that it carries one brand of hair products, Eufora. More than that, however, is that the engaging relationship between these two companies has rebranded customer interactions into one of professional experience that really stands out. 


In the salon industry, stylists are on a commission basis. This structure can be difficult for newer stylists lacking in experience. Simplicity differs in that it offers education, both in cutting techniques and business related aspects.


One frequent customer, Rebecca Sewell, said that the staff's ability to make educated recommendations for her and her family’s hair care needs keeps her coming back to her favorite stylist. 


“Everyone here is helpful, everyone down to the receptionist. And she’s the best,” Sewell said, giving a decided smile to her stylist. 


Customizing the customer's experience and pairing them with a product is Simplicity's business approach. This has led to its recognition for being one of the top stores in New York for Eufora product sales.

“Education is the foundation because not only do we receive education, and not only for me as the owner, but to my stylist employees, but to the client as well,” Tina Levielle-Briscoe, owner of Simplicity, said. “So, it's just this circle that happens, and that's what makes the product so successful.”

Levielle-Briscoe has been in the salon industry for 25 years, and a salon owner for 13. Eufora's hair products are not the first products that she has worked with, and never before has she chosen to work with just one brand. 

She said that it is because of the products' ability to deliver results, in combination with the training, for which the stylists themselves pay, and Simplicity's artistic approach toward a client's personal style and well -being, that Eufora fulfills the salon's professionally needs as well as those of the client.

“Their philosophy supports us as a business. It's not just about selling a product, it's about educating. And it works,” Levielle-Briscoe said. “ Clients come back to buy the product. It's not something that's a quick sale. They see results. “


Simplicity's owners, Sahn Briscoe and Tina Levielle-Briscoe, were awarded for their achievement in the salon industry on January 7, and their salon will be featured in an upcoming issue of Eufora International's EQ magazine. 

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