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Property Transactions: November 14 - November 20, 2020

By Roohan Realty for Saratoga TODAY | Property Transactions
9 Gibson Ct, Saratoga Springs $330,000 9 Gibson Ct, Saratoga Springs $330,000


Phyllis Lambert sold property at 427 Hop City Rd to Jacob Gadwah for $205,000.

Vincent Somaio sold property at 716 Goode St to Tevor Hiffa for $650,000.

Jan Lang sold property at 0 Middle Line Rd to David MacVane for $200,000.

Donna Neal sold property at 53 Lundy Lane to William Ross for $138,068.

Karen Golden sold property at 53 Lundy Lane to William Ross for $138,068.

Janice Adams sold property at 108 Kingsley Rd to Heather Briaddy for $210,000.

Karen Andress sold property at 150 Westside Dr to Mary Anna Fisher for $700,000.

Barbera Homes Kelley Farms LLC sold property at 16 Harvester Way to John Benac for $439,403.


Foothills Builders LLC sold property at 8 Heather Lane to Jessica Wilcox for $245,855


Christopher Martin sold property at 10 Highview Ave to Jodi  Shrestha Tha for $174,900.

Scot Mathews sold property at 2 Rebecca Dr to Brian Alexander for $365,000.

LPC Properties LLC sold property at 130 Middle Grove Rd to Donald Hurley for $597,400


Thomas Samascott sold property at 5130 Nelson Ave Ext to Scott Smith for $920,000.

Mariann Kaiser sold property at 70 Wineberry Lane to Matthew Mazzariello for $300,000

Regina Briscoe sold property at 5 Foxglove Way to Katherine Cardinali for $525,000.

Malta Land Company LLC sold property at 11 Americas Cup Court to PS Ventures LLC for $882,953.

Seamus OConnor sold property at 2 Pine Crest to John Coffey for $323,000

Belmonte Properties LLC sold property at 42 Village Circle South to Ramsay Kuo for $659,199

Ballston Spa National Bank LLC sold property at 48 Pepperbush Place to Katelyn Silberstein for $182,000.

Douglas Burbridge sold property at 22 Cedarwood Dr to Amy Pratt for $299,500

Darren O’Connor sold property at 1 Chango Dr to Janet Broadbent for $329,000

Michael Treffiletti sold property at 29 Arnold Rd to Dustin Watson for $290,150

Thomas Richardson sold property at 547 Route 67 to Jennifer Sager for $230,000


Jane Robinson sold property at 259 Caroline St to Jason Ortiz for $825,000

Kenneth Wolf sold property at 18 Garside Rd to Thomas McDowell for $250,000.

Thomas Therriault sold property at 3 Woodbridge Court to Morton Perlroth for $570,000.

Diana Joyce sold property at 183 Church St to Brandon Badgett for $440,000.

Charles Vejvoda sold property at 7 Sicada to Sean Martin for $350,000.

Robert Keyser sold property at 2 Aurora Ave to Jared Buell for $1,410,000.

Robert Keyser sold property at 5 Jenna Jo Ave to Jared Buell for $225,000.

Joseph Street Saratoga LLC sold property at 30 Joseph Street to Earth Source Company LLC for $210,000

77 Van Dam LLC sold property at 77 Van Dam St # 302 to Steve Masctrocovi for $477,300

Spencers Landing LLC sold property at43 Julians Way to Zacharay Passaretti for $794,400.

Linda Lentini sold property at 8 Aletta to EMCAM LLC for $245,000.


Levi Kelly sold property at 2 Amy Lane to Sean Marciano for $235,000.

Evan Edwards sold property at 3 Middleborough Court to John Alyward for $263,000.

William Morris sold property at 19 Cardiff Circle to McPadden Builders LLC for $120,000

Christopher Hinds sold property at 16 Waverly Place to John Lynch for $470,000.

Rebecca Bigelow sold property at 5 Waller Rd to Katie Cruckshank for $297,938.

Sonoma Grove LLC sold property at 23 Berkley Way to Hua Eng Lim for $644,889.

Gregory Wilmott sold property at 81 Fieldstone Dr to Shane Crawford for $525,000.

Stuart Hardy sold property at 37 Nicholas Dr to Shawn Lavigne for $220,000.

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Property Transactions

  • BALLSTON Andrew Scram sold property at 143 West High St to Richard Osgood for $334,000. Eastline Holdings LLC sold property at 17 Tamarack St to Daniel Hayward for $444,980. Briarwoods Brooks Development LLC sold property at 17 Spring Circle to Michael Beyer for $387,175. CORINTH Tyler Ecuyer sold property at 632 Cty Rte 25  to Kevin Whelden for $163,000. Tracy Torda  sold property at 4658 Rt 9N  to Ashley Ecuyer for $172,500. GREENFIELD Donna Turan sold property at 262 Allen Rd to Trevor Gowan for $377,500. Karen Rappleyea sold property at 12 Russell Rd to Kristin Gaba for $222,000 Heather…
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