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Never to Late to Dance: All Level Dance Courses in Spa City

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SARATOGA SPRINGS — With the New York City Ballet (NYCB) taking residence in Saratoga Springs, local dance studios have the opportunity to share the elite company with the community. For its 21st year, the Total Body Trifecta Fitness Studio (TBTFS) will host two classes taught by NYCB dancers. But these classes are unique, because not only are they beginner classes, they cater more to 44 years and up demographic. 
“Some of them danced back in the day, but the majority of them just really love ballet movement and they want to experience ballet at their level,” said Mary Anne Fantauzzi, studio owner. “The bonus is it’s taught by real dancers from New York City Ballet who have a real talent for working with any level dancers.” 
Instead of leotards and tights, participants are encouraged to wear sneakers and fitness clothes, as the ballet class taught by Craig Hall will be High-Intensity Interval Training (HITT) infused. The NYCB dancers teaching the class wear athletic attire as well. 
“It is a very fun, relaxing, noncompetitive atmosphere and we get to know the dancers up close and personal. That’s the ambiance,” said Fantauzzi. 
A unique aspect of the classes being taught at TBTFS is that the teachers who instruct the classes are personally chosen by the preceding dancer who taught there before them. This has been the tradition for the past 21 years. This year will be Gilbert Bolden III’s first year teaching at TBTFS and he has choreographed a piece for this class. 
“It’s such a treat for us! Imagine choreography that someone in the ballet made specifically for people of our level and the older adults,” 
 said Fantauzzi. 
The choreography is inspired by the ballet Coppelia. Coppelia will also be performed by the NYCB at Saratoga Performing Arts Center (SPAC) in July. 
“In these classes, it’s not about how far you turn out, it’s not about how high you jump, it’s all about just having fun and feeling like you are a dancer for that hour,” said Fantazzi. 
The classes have limited space, roughly 15 to 20 people. To learn more information and register for a class, go to www. 
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