Friday, 21 September 2018 11:36

Superintendent Patton’s Statement on Firearm Possession

“District Administration is working with the Board of Education to make a decision regarding the authorization of qualified individuals to possess firearms on school district property while performing job duties. The authorization would allow certain members of the District’s security staff, who have retired from service as law enforcement officers and who have been deemed qualified and are licensed pursuant to the New York Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act, to possess a firearm on District property while performing duties for the District. In the past, certain members of the District’s security staff, who were actively employed or retired from law enforcement, did possess a firearm on District property. When District officials determined this practice was not in compliance with current law, grounds monitors were instructed to no longer possess a firearm on school property. The District is fortunate to have a long-standing working relationship with local law enforcement and to have the unique opportunity to hire highly qualified staff, many of which are current or retired members of law enforcement.  The District takes this matter very seriously, and the safety and security of students is the District’s number one priority. The discussion has included a significant amount of research into what security options are available that will best meet the needs of our schools and community.”

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