Thursday, 11 April 2019 12:34

Saratoga Student Selected to Join Youth Education Summit at the Nation’s Capital

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SARATOGA SPRINGS — Meg Messitt, 15, a sophomore at Saratoga Springs High School, is one of 60 students across the United States to be accepted to attend the National Rifle Association’s Youth Education Summit.

Messitt is a history enthusiast, who aspires towards a career in either law or politics.

“I really like global, that’s really fun,” said Messitt. “It’s really fun to learn about the past and how it affects us now.”

While in Washington D.C for the summit, she will spend her week studying the constitution and learning new debate skills.

There was a lengthy application process to be a part of the Youth Education Summit. Messitt needed to provide a personal statement, a research paper on the second amendment, her resume, high school transcript, and her 4.0 grade point average.

“I am so excited! I am thrilled! I’m going to meet so many friends, and it’s going to be a great opportunity for me to engage with peers all over the country,” said Messitt.

Though Messitt is not an experienced shooter, while at the summit, she will be able to practice at the NRA’s indoor shooting range.

Messitt first learned about the summit from a family friend, who believed that Messitt’s personal interest, political values, and hard work would make her an ideal candidate for the summit.

“As a supporter of the 2nd amendment, I am volunteering my time in campaigning with Saratoga Parents for Safe Schools to get Dean Kolligian, Ed Cubanski, and Shaun Wiggins onto the board of education, because they are strong supporters of the 2nd amendment and working to make our school safer by arming security.”

Messitt would like to thank her AP Global teacher Mr. Northrop who she states truly inspired her to further learn about the constitution and aided her throughout the application process.

The summer of 2019 is already proving to be fulfilling for Messitt at she embarks on her summer journey of leadership growth.

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