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NATIONWIDE — AngelSense, a leading GPS monitoring device for special needs children, now features a new component, AngelCall, which allows parents to call their special needs children instantaneously. AngelSense, a GPS & VoiceMonitoring solution designed for individuals with special needs, has newly launched AngelCall, Indoor Search and Alarm. Due to an increase in wandering tragedies among children with autism in recent months and years, AngelSense has developed new features to help prevent those wanderings from turning into tragedies. AngelSense has developed new features to help parents find their wandering children; these features will provide further assistance to families who have children with special needs prone to wandering. 

"The wandering issue is the biggest worry for parents, even though AngelSense covers safety in a broad measure. Nearly half of autistic children wander and potentially go missing at least once before they are 17. Imagine having a child that is non-verbal or struggles to communicate go missing. It's the worst nightmare for a parent of a child with special needs,” said Doron Somer, co-founder and CEO
 of AngelSense.3

The new feature AngelCall allows parents and caregivers to talk to their child at any time without the need for them to “pick up” or click anything. This is the first phone designed specifically for individuals with special needs. The Indoor Search feature allows for parents to locate children inside places that do not have standard GPS signal, like a shopping mall or school. The Alarm feature allows parents to activate an alarm on the child’s device to locate children in a crowd or when hiding.  These features are significant for autistic children who are prone to wandering away from their caregivers. They allow special needs parents to stay connected with their child. Special needs children, who cannot carry and answer a call on a regular phone, now have a means of communicating with their family or being located when they cannot vocalize where they may be or may not even know they are lost. The AngelSense device is attached to their clothing with customized sensory-friendly accessories; the call, alarm and GPS are initiated by the family member. Thanks to these new features, parents can now be “by their child’s side,” and quickly locate wandering children. This allows special needs children to be more independent, as their parents can assist from afar, and most importantly, stay connected throughout the day.

“Everyone is using a cellphone to stay connected, but for those that have special needs it’s just impossible,” said Somer.

“My autistic son Itamar is 20 years old and is incapable of swiping a phone. Now for the first time, I can call him on the way to school to make sure the bus ride is going well and to wish him a nice day or locate him if he wanders away during a family outing. I can’t begin to explain how this changes my days,” Somer continued.

Autism affects approximately 1 in 68 children in the United States according to the CDC with nearly half wandering and potentially going missing at least once before their 17th birthday, according to a study by the American Academy of Pediatrics. According to the National Autism Association, a new record was broken in 2015 with over 32 wandering fatalities recorded in individuals with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) diagnosis , and over 200 missing persons. AngelSense strives to improve the quality of life and safety of children with special needs, while bringing peace of mind to their families. AngelSense’s community network and platform integrates technology and a wearable tracking device to ensure these children are safe at all times.

“AngelSense is the only GPS and voice monitoring solution, which is designed specifically for children with special needs, and it's the only one that was proven to save lives.We are really fortunate to save lives on a daily basis, it's been an amazing and very rewarding journey for us,” Somer concluded.

Contribution by Lori Mahan.

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