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Thursday, 25 January 2018 12:35

Local Students Go Global

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SARATOGA COUNTY — GlobalFoundries has teamed up with BOCES to create a new collaborative and streamlined program to help high school seniors enter the engineering technician training program, which begins in September. “What we’re trying to do, in the case of GlobalFoundries, is work directly with our business industry partners in the region in helping to create programs that support the training that they need so kids can move into careers with those employers and through the employers, also work for higher education. It’s really how can we help meet the workforce demands of local employers to drive our economy and help prepare kids for really great careers in our own backyard,” Joe Dragone, senior executive officer of BOCES said.

For high school seniors, the training program is the length of their senior year and is a half day program. Students will attend the program like they would if they were in a career tech training program and in the second half of the year they work directly with the HR department at GlobalFoundries regarding job qualifications. This program is also available for adults and is a six-week program, which BOCES is hoping to kick off this spring.

“For the adult program, they are self-funded but we’re working through some grant opportunities to off-set that, so tuition may be minimal or free,” Dragone explained.

“Regionally, there are three strong work-force investment boards that work with adults looking for forward training or unemployed adults looking for new career opportunities, as well as collaboration with the chambers and the community colleges. We have our own adult education programs so it’s working with the agencies that engage the adult population to make sure that they are aware of the opportunity,” he stated.

While starting salaries remain to be determined, it all depends on what the student qualifies at and what the industry is offering at that time. “Even at entry-level positions in this field, it can be very lucrative and a great career opportunity,” Dragone said.

Interest in the program has been great and seniors from 23 school districts will begin to enroll in the coming weeks. The student program begins in September 2018.

“GlobalFoundries is a great partner, they’re allowing site visits and tour opportunities from all of our school districts, so they can understand what this field is about. This is really the evolution of career and technical training and you’re seeing it in advanced manufacturing, you’re seeing it in clean technologies. As training continues to grow, as technologies continue to grow, it’s expanded from the usual portfolio, which is also still in high demand, of our traditional career and technology fields, to this evolution of career and technical training that includes all of the hightech industries as well,” he explained.

Students will be trained in automation, valve operation, electronics, and will learn how to investigate delays in the manufacturing process.

“This is one program, of hopefully many more to come, that we’re working on where as a region, we can look to see how there can be strong collaboration to strengthen opportunities for students,” Dragone stated.

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