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Local All-Star Moments

SRYMCA Over 50 Basketball League Scores

Game One: D’Andrea’s Pizzeria – 53 v. West Side Sports – 71
West Side Sports handily beat D’Andrea’s Pizzeria 71-53.  John Mooney and Kevin Reilly led the way for West Side with 25 each. Mike Casavant contributed 12 for West Side.  Rory Wilson had a game high 32 and Tom Welch added 10 in a losing effort for D’Andrea’s.
West Side Sports – 71: John Mooney (25),  Kevin Reilly(25), Mike Casavant (12)
D’Andrea’s Pizzeria – 53: Rory Wilson (32), Tom Welch (10) 

Game Two: Post Time Wine and Spirits – 65 v. Village Photo – 56
Post Time Wine and Spirits outlasted Village Photo to win the game 65 to 56. Postime’s Pat Reidy had a game high 28 and Alex Marin added 26. Charlie Maurer led Village photo with 20 and Steve Ruscinski poured in 10.
Post Time Wine and Spirits – 65: Pat Reidy (28), Alex Marin (26)
Village Photo - 56: Charlie Maurer (20), Steve Rucinski (10) 

Game Three: Mama Mia’s Cafe – 53 v. Nemer Chrysler – 59
Nemer edged Mama Mia’s in a close game all the way. Nemer was led by Phil Fitzpatrick who had 29 with Mike Bentley pouring in 19. Mama Mia’s was led by Mark Hixon 28 point performance by the losing team.
Nemer Chrysler – 59: Phil Fitzpatrick (29), Mike Bentley (19)
Mama Mi’s Cafe – 53: Mark Hixon (28)

Game Four: Generaro’s – 60 v. Walton’s – 58
Generaro’s overcame a half-time deficient to overtake Walton’s 60-58. Genararo’s balanced scoring was led by Ed Benway with 21, followed by Wayne Cherry with 14, Greg O’Conner with 12 and Andrew Sephas adding 10 points. Bobby Hanson had a game high 36 in a losing campaign.
Generaro’s – 60: Ed Benway (21), Wayne Cherry (14), Greg O’Connor (12), Andrew Sephas (10)
Walton’s – 58: Bobby Hanson (36)


Swimming & Diving Teams Fall to Clarkson, Women Come Up Short Against Merrimack
VERMONT — The Saint Michael’s College women’s swimming and diving team lost to Merrimack College, 121-84, in a dual meet on Friday, before both the men’s and women’s teams were swept by Clarkson University on Saturday. The men fell 148-74, while the women lost a close 119103 contest. The women’s team falls
to 1-3, while the men are now 1-2. During the Clarkson meet, Reiley Adelson, of Saratoga Springs/Saratoga Springs, claimed second in the 200 free.


Jr. NBA Scores


Cavs vs. Lakers
Cavs-21: Sean Finnegan-8, Connor Corrigan-4
Lakers-12: Chris Seeley-8, Riley Gaul-2

Bulls vs. Knicks
Bulls-18: Mason Baker-5, Malcolm Oliver-Goodwin-4

Knicks-14: Chris Sheft-6, John Lizzi-4

Celtics vs. Clippers
Celtics-16: Brady Moore-6, Tommy Driver-2

Clippers-10: Damon Kelly-4, Sean Britton-2

Thunder vs. Clippers
Thunder-23: Brady Girard-15, Dustin Russell-6

Warriors-13: JL Whitman-6, Thomas Krogmann-5

Spurs vs. Lakers
Spurs-35: Noah Diulio-12, Hayden Warren-7
Lakers-14: Logan Phelps-6, Colton Baker-4

Warriors vs. Bulls
Warriors-26: Carson Engelhard-7, Aaron Stuart-6

Bulls-9: Sammy Bagan-6, Sasko/Kindl-2

Heat vs. Knicks
Heat-18: Kaidan Moore-6, Plourde/Ford-4

Knicks-13: Merrick Shea-5, Kaiden Paskewich-4

Mavs vs. Cavs
Mavs-26: Landon Lockrow-7, Ben Simonette-5

Cavs-19: Braydin Stone-16, Luke Manuel-4

Celtics vs. Thunder
Celtics-18: Jack Beckler-6, Bobby Morris-6

Thunder-13: Andrew Wells-5, Chase Palmer-4

Warriors vs. Celtics
Warriors-16: Karsten Soule-4, Henry Hanrahan-4
Celtics-14: Arianna Avila-6, Matt Leonard-4

Thunder vs. Spurs
Thunder-27: Toby Diulio-9, Louis Longobardo-9

Spurs-18: Charlie Cota-6, Micah Poag-6

Nets vs. Heat
Nets-28: Bryant Savage-9, Antone Robbens-7

Heat-10: Jackson Howell-6, Nick Scalo-2

Cavs vs. Thunder
Cavs-48: Jordan Quintal-16, Andrew Masten-8
Thunder-40: Evan Barthelmas-18, Cooper Walley-16 

Clippers vs. Pacers
Clippers-42: Arieon Rose-12, Lindsey Bell-7

Pacers-28: Andrew Blaha-8, Josh Smith-8


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All-Star Moments

[Photos provided]

Saratoga Gymnastics Hosts All-Around Meet
SARATOGA SPRINGS — Saratoga Springs High School gymnastics hosted their annual All-Around Meet on Thursday, Feb. 8 at the Wilton YMCA. Gymnasts from Bethlehem, Shaker and Guilderland also competed in the event. The gymnasts were broken into two groups: (1) gymnasts who had scored greater than 29.0 allaround during the competition season; and (2) gymnasts who had scored less than 29.0 all-around during the competition season. With respect to the higher scoring group, Saratoga took home the top three places led by all-around winner Ava Dallas with a score of 37.1, followed by Sophia Damiano who scored 36.7. Laura Eberlein was third with an allaround score of 34.925. Rounding out the top five were Rachel Drislane (Guilderland) with a score of 34.55 and Kate Dellaratta (Saratoga) with a score of 33.0. Top finishers in the under 29.0 scoring group were: Domenica Hotaling (Shaker) with an all-around score of 27.75, Anna Green (Bethlehem) – 27.55, Savanna Schalberg (Saratoga) – 26.85, Courtney Rafferty (Guilderland) – 26.625 and Kate Sager (Shaker) – 26.50.

Saratoga Blue Streaks Hockey
SARATOGA SPRINGS — The Saratoga Blue Streaks Varsity hockey team played the Guilderland/
Mohonasen/Scotia-Glenville Storm in a league game at 4:15 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 7 at the Weibel Avenue Ice Rink. Saratoga won the game 3-0 with goalie Brad Hipsley recording his third league shut out. Will Detora scored the first goal in the first period with an assist from Sam Jacob; Joe Amodio scored goal two in the first period with assists from Will Detora and Xavier Clark; the final goal was scored in the second period by Will Detora again, with an assist from Sam Jacob. Blue Streaks Goalie Hipsley had 13 saves and Daniel Cooper, from the opposing team, had 45 saves.

Saratoga Regional YMCA Youth Basketball League
ROTARY JUNIOR DIVISION: Saratoga Financial Services 31 - Mexican Connection Restaurant 24 Saratoga Financial had an early lead and took a 31 to 24 victory over Mexican Connection. The winners got eight points apiece from Ryan Boyle, Alex Cutler and Carter Wood while teammate Eric Eckard had two points. Ethan Dinsmore had a game high 10 points in the loss Saratoga PBA 37 -
PJ BAR-B-QSA 18 PBA took a 13-point lead into the second half and never looked back in their 37 to 18 win over a depleted PJ’s BAR-B-QSA. Steve Bebee had 11 points, Emylyn Tineo added another nine points in the victory. PJ’s had only six players because of injuries but they never
gave up, and were led by Jason Bell’s eight points along with five points from Antonio Calderon. SENIOR DIVISION: Saratoga Firefighters 54 - Berkshire Hathaway Blake, Realtors 49 The Firefighters were behind until the last four minutes of the game. They used their “never say never” attitude to pull off a 54 to 49 victory over Berkshire Hathaway Blake Realtors. Firefighters had three players scoring in double figures, led by Noah Rourke with 17 points, Eyner Tineo with 15 points and Robert Orr had 10 points. Rourke hit nine out of nine free throws in the last 90 seconds to seal the win. The Realtors battled right down to the final horn got a game high 19 points from Ian Fisk while teammates Seth Koval and Isaiah Barnes had 13 and two points respectively. Village Photo 51 - Cudney’s Launderers 42 This was also a game that was close until a technical foul in the last two minutes gave Village Photo an eight point lead which helped them get the nine point win over Cudney’s Launderers. Village Photo now goes into the final game of the season leading the division. Village Photo spread the scoring around and were led by Jose Garcia, Donald Steves and Pat Deschaine each scoring 14 points. Cudney’s, as always, fought to the final second, Hunter Regels and Elias Whol each had 13 points and Will Sambrook added four points, Coleman Fignar and Nate Scott scored four and three points each.

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All-Star Moments

[Photos provided]

Saratoga Central Catholic Bowling
SARATOGA SPRINGS — On Wednesday, Jan. 10 the Spa Catholic Bowling Team took the win over Stillwater, 3,325 – 3,048. Micaela Barbolt took the highest average for the Saints with 236.6, a substantial lead over the rest of the players. Hayden Day placed second, with an average of 187. For Stillwater, Brandon Dyer had the highest average of 209.3 and Cody Julian followed behind with 172.6. On Thursday, Jan. 11 the Saints played Corinth, defeating them 2,909 to 2,367. For the Saints, Micaela Barbolt and Zac Niles took the highest average with 190 for both, followed closely behind was Jake Lenz, with 184.6. For Corinth, Sam Lucia had the highest average, 176.5, with Hunter Sims following with an average of 148. The Saints record is currently 46-6.

Saratoga Blue Streaks Boys Basketball vs. Troy’s Flying Horses Boys Basketball
SARATOGA SPRINGS — On Friday, Jan. 12 the Blue Streaks defeated the Flying Horses 91-87 in overtime. AJ Lawton led the board with 24 points, Matt Larkin had 19 points, and Brian Hart had 17 points. Larkin hit the two final free-throws, bringing the Blue Streaks to victory. 

Saratoga Springs vs. Shaker/Colonie Hockey
SARATOGA SPRINGS — On Wednesday, Jan. 10 at Weibel Ice Rink, the Blue Streaks played
a close game, ultimately ending in their defeat, Shaker/Colonie won 2-1. For Saratoga, their goal was made by Joe Amodio with assists from Xavier Clark and Ryan Jones. For Shaker/Colonie, Joe Malloy and Noah Savastio scored both goals, with an assist from Tyler Wilson each time. Saratoga goalie Brad Blake had 11 saves and Shaker/Colonie goalie Dan Malloy had 29 saves. Saratoga’s record is currently 2-4-2.

Saratoga Springs Alpine Ski Team
SARATOGA SPRINGS — On Wednesday, Jan. 10 the Saratoga Springs ski team competed in the Niskayuna Invitational. Saratoga Springs ranked fourth, with Shannon Kelley ranking second in the entire invitational with a time of 31.86 seconds, Lucy Daly came in eleventh with a time of 33.21, and Rebecca Lynch came in twentieth overall with a time of 35.04 out of 77 skiers total for the varsity girls. For the varsity boys, Andrew Zilka ranked eighth with a time of 32.01, Atticus Connell ranked 11 with a time of 32.53, and Lucas Dougharty ranked 19 with a time of 33.28 out of 72 skiers.

Saratoga Regional YMCA Youth Basketball League
ROTARY JUNIOR DIVISION: Saratoga PBA 25 - Mexican Connection Restaurant 23
After a very tight first half and a defensive crack-down by both teams in the second half, PBA squeaked out a two point win over Mexican Connection. The winners got four points apiece from Jaden Manning and Carter Cigan, while Connor Johnson’s eight points and Ethan Dinsmore’s seven points led the Mexican Connection in the loss.
PJ BAR-B-QSA 39 - Saratoga Financial Services 36
PJ’s BBQ got their first win of the season by upsetting Saratoga Financial Services by a score of 39 to 36. Jordon Cousar led his team with 13 points along with the help of teammates Molly Trattles and Amiah Love who scored three and two points respectively. Both made defensive stops and got big rebounds down the stretch. Ryan Boyle dropped in 10 points in the defeat.
Berkshire Hathaway Blake, Realtors 39 - Cudney’s Launderers 33
In a game that was close from the opening tip off to the final buzzer, BHHS came away with a victory over Cudney’s, 39 to 36. Ian Fisk scored 16 points and Jake Graham added 11 points in the win. Hunter Regels dropped in 16 points and Will Sambrook added another eight points for Cudney’s for the loss.
Saratoga Firefighters 58 - Village Photo 49
The Firefighters got their third straight win and defeated previously unbeaten Village Photo 58 to 49. Both teams fought hard with scoring from each side. Joe Reynolds had four points and Charlie Didonato, Kaelan Kasowski, Robert Orr each scored two points to get the Firefighters victory. Elijah Woods had three points and the Kelly brothers, Thomas and Anthony, contributed two points each for Village Photo.

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