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Thursday, 27 September 2018 12:12

Local All-Star Moments

Suburban Field Hockey
Columbia at Saratoga
First Half:
Saratoga 2 v. Columbia 0
Hunter Yourch- 2 goals assisted by Molly Russell and Lindsey Frank
Second Half:
Haley Waghorn assisted by Molly Russell

Olivia Vukelic assisted by Molly Russell
Molly Russell assisted by Kylie Folts
Final Score: Saratoga 5 v. Columbia 0
Corners: Saratoga - 17 | Columbia - 4

Shots: Saratoga 27 | Columbia - 0
Saratoga Goalies: Kristen Rodecker and Emma Piccirillo -  0 saves
Columbia Goalie: Maddy Hogan - 9 saves Saratoga 7-2

Spa Catholic Volleyball
SARATOGA SPRINGS — Saratoga Central Catholic hosted Waterford Halfmoon on Wednesday, Sept. 19. Saints won 3-0.
Scores 25-10, 25-22, 25-23.
Highlights for the Saints 6-0 league and overall: Elise Browell 9 service points 16 assist; Kennedy Murphy  8 kills; MaryClare Pikus 2 kills 2 blocks; Emy Murray 6 service points; Molly O’Reilly 18 service points 6 aces.
Highlights for the Fordians 3-3 record: Nikki Lajeunesse 10 points, 5 digs; 1 assist Ashley Formosa 7 serves, 8 digs, 1 assist; Ayden Richards 8 serves, 3 digs, 15 assists.

Ballston Spa Boys Soccer
BALLSTON SPA — Guilderland visited Ballston Spa on Saturday, September 22. Griffen Leggieri scored the first goal for Ballston Spa, assisted by Jeffery Matthews. For the remaining 30 minutes of the first half, Guilderland couldn’t get a goal off. To start the second half, Guilderland’s Friquietto scored. The game was tied 1-1 at the end of the regular play. In overtime, Guilderland’s Tynan scored on a corner kick to finish the game 2-1 Guilderland.

Suburban Council Cross Country Dual Meet Results
Tuesday, September 25 — Ballston Spa/  Niskayuna/ Shaker at  Burnt Hills - Ballston Lake
Course:  Saratoga State Park | Distance:  3.05 miles

Girls Team Scores:
Ballston Spa - 27      Niskayuna - 28
BH – BL  - 28      Ballston Spa - 29
Niskayuna - 20      Shaker - 26
BH – BL - 35      Ballston Spa - 33
Shaker - 18      Shaker - 21
BH – BL  - 41     Niskayuna - 37

Individual Results:
1. F. Demars, Ballston Spa - 18:43
2. K. Higgins, Shaker - 18:49
3. L. Griffin, Shaker - 19:09
4. R. Graham, BH – BL - 19:13

5. O. Skylstad, Ballston Spa - 19:33
6. C. Kokernak, Niskayuna -19:42
7. K. Hesler, Niskayuna - 19:44
8. R. Bashant, Ballston Spa - 20:02
9. O. Miles, Shaker - 0:03
10. M. Miles, Shaker - 20:23

Boys Team Scores:
BH – BL - 18      Ballston Spa - 25
Ballston Spa - 40      Niskayuna - 34
BH – BL - 21      Ballston Spa - 22
Niskayuna - 39      Shaker - 33
BH – BL - 15      Shaker - 25

Shaker - 44      Niskayuna - 34

Individual Results:
1. E. Brennan, BH – BL - 15:43
2. T. Berg, BH – BL - 15:43
3. T. Ragone, Niskayuna - 15:50
4. M. Dolan, Niskayuna - 15:52
5. B. Guerin, Ballston Spa - 15:58
6. A. Gillooley, BH – BL - 16:22
7. N. Hunziker, BH – BL - 16:22
8. D. Metacarpa, BH – BL - 16:28
9. TJ Randall, Shaker - 16:36
10. B. Fletcher, Ballston Spa - 16:4

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Thursday, 26 October 2017 12:46

Sustainable Saratoga Recycling Day

[Photos by Camera Famosa Photography.]

On Saturday, Oct. 21, retired teachers Art and Julie Holmberg, with a committee of 6-8 people and the help of the environmental class at Saratoga High School taught by Jody Visconti, and the Honor Society, among many others, came together to create Saratoga Recycles Day.

From 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., roughly 500 cars came through and donated everything from electronics, metals, bicycles, small appliances, and textiles such as hats, towels, clothes, and rags, in any condition. Some textiles were recycled and some were redistributed. They shared the proceeds with the Saratoga High School clubs.

Mayor Joanne Yepsen proclaimed it Recycling Day.

Upstitch, a company in Albany, collected crochet needles, yarn, fabrics, sewing notions and sewing baskets to help educate people in impoverished areas and help them learn those skills.

Starting late last winter, the committee began to volunteer their time and organize the event, which included the vendors JGL Recycling in Colonie, American Clothing Company in Glens Falls, Bike Toga in Saratoga and Upstitch.

“It began with reading an article about Bethlehem. Dan Rein was named recycler of the year and so I looked on the website and saw what they did and how much they gathered. We patterned this after the Bethlehem program that has been recycling and having a recycling day for the past four to five years,” Art Holmberg explained.

“This was a very cooperative effort with Saratoga Springs Central School District. It started off with just environmental classes lending a hand and turned into the Honor Society helping. The students primarily helped with textiles and unloading cars,” Holmberg said.

Skidmore College students developed a pamphlet that talked about all of the places you can bring your recycling products in the local area, listing what they accept, addresses, etc.

“In general I go to Weibel Avenue transfer station and see what people throw down into the landfill and I just shudder when I see what’s been thrown in there that could be recycled and reused,” Holmberg said.

“There’s so much in recycling and reusing that we need to do more of as Americans and particularly in Saratoga,” Julie Holmberg added.

One hundred backpacks were collected for Shelters of Saratoga; 11,500 pounds of clothes were collected, and 89 bicycles were collected with Levi Rogers arranging the bike station and doing some repairs on site.

Bike Toga took 25 bikes to repair and then redistribute to the people of the community at a very low cost, and seven people exchanged bikes on the spot.

The Backstretch Employee Service Team (B.E.S.T.) took 12 bikes to keep on hand for next season. They collected a great deal of textiles as well.

Statistically speaking, Americans generate about 84 pounds of clothing every year and 70 percent of that material goes into a landfill, taking years to break down.

The committee members have already planned the event for next year, to take place on Oct. 20, 2018.

“We were so encouraged by the community’s response, we were very thrilled,” Julie Holmberg said.

“Start packing things up for next year. Eventually, with enough help and support, we could do this twice a year. It was a shot in the dark, but we succeeded,” added her husband.

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Thursday, 14 September 2017 13:26

Blue Streaks' Newest Teammate

All photos by Lori Mahan.

SARATOGA SPRINGS – Sequoia Cumming, a senior, is the first female football player for the Saratoga Blue Streaks. She is the kicker for the team and has attempted two kicks thus far this season.

Head Coach Terry Jones, who was an assistant coach for the football team from 1999 until 2007 when he became the head coach, said this is the first female he’s ever had on his team.

“We had an informational meeting last spring for anyone interested in playing football and she showed up. At that meeting, everyone there was given information about summer workouts and everything and she did not miss a single work out all summer. She was one of only two players on our freshmen, JV, or Varsity teams who did not miss a single workout. And here she is. That’s the story,” Jones explained.

Sequoia had her own reasons for playing, “It started out as health reasons, I wanted to take up a sport that was vigorous in the weight room and cardio and physical activity. I did play sports all my life but never through the school so they were never that challenging. I just wanted some kind of crazy goal that I could reach and football was it.”

Coach Jones said that there is no real difference between her and her fellow male team members.

“The only difference is she changes in the locker room across the hall from the rest of the guys. Other than that, there’s no difference. She’s not treated differently at practice; she doesn’t expect to be treated any differently. She’s not treated any differently in the weight room, either. The team has been very open and accepting and I guess the biggest difference, is when I say ‘alright guys let’s go,’ obviously I mean everybody. She just laughs and goes ‘I know,’” Jones explained.

Cumming said her biggest obstacle is the fact that she’s completely new to football. She played soccer her whole life but “kicking a soccer ball is much different from kicking a football. So, it’s just trying to get better at that throughout the whole season. It’s a work in progress,” she said.

Her biggest achievement so far has been in the weight room.

“Seeing your numbers increase in there and seeing it pay off on the field is amazing,” Cumming said.

Jones agrees, “It’s a long process to be the backup kicker, which she is right now, but she doesn’t complain, not a word. She comes to work every day and works hard every day, works to get better every day, and she has gotten better. She’s gotten stronger, her endurance and her abilities when she does kick. They’ve all improved. She’s stronger in the weight room. She was saying she thinks she’s in the best shape of her life. She’s made a lot of new friends and gained a lot of respect of a lot of people.”

The coaches and teammates immediately embraced Cumming, “We’re just one big family, we all work together, and we’re all just trying to get to the same place,” Cumming said.

“Every year during the pre-season we have an event called Meet the Players Night where we bring in the teams and they’re introduced in front of family and friends for the first time in their uniform. I’ve been at Saratoga since 1999 as an assistant and I’ve been the head coach since 2007, and I’ve never seen a player get an ovation from the entire crowd, but she did this year,” Jones laughed.

Cumming on the team has definitely sparked the school body’s interest, but not in a negative way.

“A lot of people ask me about it, they’re curious which I understand. A lot of people say ‘hi, good luck at the game! What time is practice until tonight?’ They’re very interested,” Cumming explained.

When asked if she would continue the sport in college she wasn’t sure.

“I haven’t really decided yet, I think it would be cool to take it on as a club sport in college but I am definitely going to be an avid watcher throughout the rest of my life,” Cumming said.

The Seahawks are her favorite football team.

As with any team sport, there is a magic that happens between a team who are all on board with the same goal.

“Before our first game in Niskayuna, there was this whole energy that I feel like you couldn’t find anywhere else. It was really cool just to see the teammates light up and realize that this is our time to really just prove ourselves on the field,” Cumming explained with a sparkle in her eyes.

“She’s very well liked by the players, I think she’s very well respected by the players for how hard she works out there,” Jones wrapped up.

One thing is certain, Sequoia Cumming is the first female football player in Blue Streaks last 18 years, and that is certainly something to be proud of.

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