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Friday, 19 October 2018 10:25

Ninja Nation

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Local Athletes Excel on National Level

SARATOGA SPRINGS — A number of kids from our area are making a name for themselves in the world of Ninja Warrior competitions. One will appear on the reality TV show American Ninja Warrior Jr., and five others will head to the National Ninja League World Finals. Ollie Huss, a fourth grader from Saratoga Springs, is a local TV star now. Huss will be featured in the inaugural season of American Ninja Warrior Jr., airing Saturdays at 7 p.m. on Universal Kids.

On how he was chosen, Huss said this: “they asked a certain amount of people to submit a video to cast on the show and if they got picked, they got a call back telling them they were on the show. The call back for me to be on the show felt really good. Especially knowing that this is something I’ve been dedicating my entire life to,” said the 9-year-old.

Huss and his family traveled to Los Angeles for three days, so he could compete for the show.

“I liked LA, it was really hot there,” he said.

Huss says his best ninja skills come from his upper-body strength. He wants to improve his balance, though.

“I’m trying to balance on skinnier ledges to help me improve,” he explained.

Huss practices daily for three to four hours. He also enjoys competitive climbing, playing the piano, and skiing.

“I’m really good at skiing,” he stated.

Huss has decided he wants to be a national climber when he grows up. continued from front page...

“When I first saw American Ninja Warrior, everyone that did it usually had a background of gymnastics and climbing… I’ve done gymnastics, I wasn’t exactly the best at it,” he laughed, “but it was fun to try.”

Huss said that seeing himself on tv is “hard to believe.”

Saratoga Ninja Lab has five athletes qualified for the National Ninja League World Finals this February in Connecticut; Keegan Daly and Rya Torres both took first place their divisions at Action Athletics National Ninja League Competition. Georgia Boggs also placed in her division; Joey Barr also qualified for finals; and Leah Torres powered through her run after a small stumble early on.

“I’m just so incredibly proud of them,” said coach Randi Cowper.

“These kids have been training here since we opened, they came to summer camp and we knew when we were talking about a ninja team that these guys and girls definitely had to be a part of it. They work so hard and it shows in their training,” Cowper continued.

So far, the Saratoga Ninja Lab has had five kids compete in two different competitions and four of the five competitors have qualified for the world finals.

“That’s unheard of, and I know we’re going to have more as the season goes on,” Cowper stated.

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Thursday, 24 August 2017 13:02

Saratoga Ninja Garage: Camp

[Photos courtesy of Eric Huss and Lori Mahan]

SARATOGA SPRINGS – This past week Eric Huss flew three American Ninja Warriors, Jamie Rahn, Brian Arnold, and Jake Murray to his home in Saratoga Springs to host a week of camps for kids in the area. Selling out immediately and a wait-list of over 300 kids, Huss knew that his mission, to create a space “where kids could just be kids” was about to get even more fun.

Huss turned his prohibition era garage into a ninja gym because he was just trying to be a great dad. His kids love the show and compete in ninja type style competitions for fun. While in Colorado last year, Huss was able to meet and speak with these American ninjas and pick their brains about the obstacle courses. From there, he created his own.

Saratoga was taken by surprise to see the Warriors waiting in line for breakfast the other day, whispering excitedly to each other as they realized what was going on. They were in the area for only a week and in that short amount of time they threw a fundraiser and helped local kids dream of being a ninja come true.

“This camp is basically just 12 kids playing. There are only three rules; Have fun, no parents, no arguing,” Huss explained.

“There are plans to open a bigger space. An actual business,” Huss revealed.

On Monday night the ninjas and Huss threw a fundraiser for the Franklin Community Center where about 100 kids showed up with their families. For two and a half hours, the guys sat and signed things for kids, met with them, and about $300 was raised for the center.

“We wanted to do something for the kids that were unable to meet the guys and were on the wait lists,” Huss said.

Five free entries were given to kids who were the first to answer specific questions on the Ninja Garage Facebook page and they were then able to participate in the camp.

Safety and fun are Huss’ number one goals as a father and as the operator of his gym. The camp itself is structured with the ninjas showing the kids how to successfully use specific obstacles such as the quintuple steps and variations of that, plus different techniques to successfully complete those. They also help them with balance and precision work, upper body strength, and the warp wall, which is a huge obstacle on the show that Huss has recreated in his own garage. Huss receives no money for his gym. Instead, all of the entry fees went toward the ninjas who flew in to run the camps.

Open gym is held weekly, for more information check out www.facebook.com/SaratogaNinjaGarage/.  

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