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Expansion Coming to Wilton 'Y'


WILTON – The Saratoga Regional YMCA’s board of directors has voted to approve a $7.5 million renovation to their Wilton branch that will increase the facility’s size by 35,000 square feet. Groundbreaking on the project is expected to begin soon, and is scheduled to be complete by the fall.



“What I’m excited about with this project is how the response to the Saratoga Springs branch’s expansion has been so positive, and how the demands on that branch have really caused this next phase to happen,” said Jim Letts, CEO of Saratoga Regional YMCA.

New additions to the Wilton location will include an 8,100 square-foot fitness area, a new year-round gymnastics facility and new locker rooms. The new Wilton fitness center will be bigger than the fitness center at the main branch on West Avenue in Saratoga Springs, which is 7,500 square feet. The current gymnastics area at the Wilton branch closes for the summer months between June and August. Staying open year round bodes well for the facility’s chances of hosting gymnastic events in the future, and the expansion should serve to provide more adequate seating for anyone attending.

Areas designed for both before and after school programs to be offered were also approved for the expansion. The programs will both be brand new to the Wilton branch.

“There’s a half day program currently, but because of the new space we’re able to expand to full before and after school programs here,” said Letts.

With the expansion, the Wilton branch will surpass the main Saratoga Springs facility in total size. The current gymnastics facility will be increased by almost 2000 square feet, from 5,600 to 7,500. The expansion also includes plans for a modified basketball court/fitness area, with areas specifically for yoga or cycling.

“A lot of the folks at the Saratoga Springs branch come all the way from Wilton. This should alleviate a lot of pressure from that branch as the demand increases,” said Letts

With staff at the Wilton branch expecting a new influx of gym patrons, considerations for the facility’s parking were also considered.  The existing parking lot will be expanded by 187 more spaces.

“The demand on the fitness end has forced us to really bring about a state-of-the-art fitness center for Wilton,” explained Letts. “You have to build for that moment at 5 o’clock at night when everybody wants to work out.”

The Saratoga Regional YMCA’s board of directors voted to approve the proposal at their March 8 meeting. This is the second phase in a proposed three phase initiative to improve the location at 20 Old Gick Road in Wilton. Phase one was the addition of four new tennis courts. The new courts allowed the branch to host its first United States Tennis Association-affiliated event on March 10.

The completion of the second phase will also free up the space needed for two additional tennis courts in the existing building, bringing the total number of courts to 10.

The third phase, which calls for the construction of the final two tennis courts, has not been projected or approved by the board of directors.

The plans call for a new building to be constructed adjacent to the existing one.  A breezeway will connect both facilities.

The Saratoga Regional YMCA serves over 25,000 members, and has branch locations in Malta, Corinth, Saratoga Springs, Greenwich and Wilton. For more information, visit their website www.saratogaregionalymca.org.


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