Thursday, 30 April 2020 13:10

Biking to Bring Puzzles to People

Ian Klepetar. Photo provided. Ian Klepetar. Photo provided.

WILTON — Bike enthusiast Ian Klepetar discovered his own way to help the community during COVID-19 by delivering jigsaw puzzles. 

Klepetar started his mission, called Puzzles to the People, after stay at home restrictions were placed over the community. At the time, he was staying with his parents in Wilton and discovered he had a plethora of jigsaw puzzles from his childhood. Every other week, Klepetar posts puzzles to an online site called NextDoor and families interested can comment. Klepetar will later deliver the puzzle to the family’s front door. 

“This helps me have destinations throughout the area and helps me find new places to ride through. I like that it connects me with people, without connection,” Klepetar said. 

Klepetar said he typically starts in Wilton at his parent’s house, and would bike to areas including the Wilton Mall area, Ballston Spa and Route 50. Klepetar designs his routes per the households that requested a puzzle. 

“I’m still maintaining a family connection by delivering these, and I’m creating one too as families gather around a table to do the puzzle together,” Klepetar said. 

Donations are being accepted alongside the 100 puzzles Klepetar donates from his childhood. Families can distinguish how many pieces they want to work on, or a scene they would like either online or by contacting Klepetar at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 518-396-8376 for puzzle requests/donations.

A healthy transportation advocate, Klepetar enjoys the fossil fuel free endeavor. He has done another non-profit on his bike years ago in Madison, Wisconsin. There, he would distribute homemade muffins each day and in return, the recipients were required to complete a task.

“They were required to commit to doing something on my ever-changing list that would enhance their own life and the community around them,” Klepetar said. “I urge readers to check out the ‘muffin exchange’ video on YouTube...and take the concept to the streets when the times of COVID-19 are in the past.”

Klepetar dreams of opening a café called “Perch and Puzzle” in the future. His vision includes nests which visitors can climb into and finish a puzzle or simply hang out.

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