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Hattie’s Patio To Reopen

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Photo by Sue Waldron Designs. Photo by Sue Waldron Designs.

SARATOGA SPRINGS — On May 3, the owners of Hattie’s Restaurant at 45 Phila Street will reopen the patio after a renovation project. A re-opening party has been scheduled at 5 p.m. with Happy Hour prices for the first two hours. No reservations are required.

“The swamp, as some lovingly call the patio, was in much need of some TLC,” says owner Beth Alexander. She said the bar was built years ago by former owner Colin MacLean by using banquet tables as a bar top. “It was a great idea and it has served us well, but it was time for a change.”

With construction going on around them, Hattie’s owners Beth and Jasper Alexander decided that the time was right to upgrade their back yard. They hired long time customer Matt Geleta to design and build the bar; past Hattie’s employee and present decorator Sue Waldron to assist with design; and Patrick Coffey of IQ contracting as their contractor. Once the team was assembled the ideas just started flowing. 

“I just wanted a chance to be a part of history. I’ve spent many nights at Hattie’s looking at the bar and knew I could make a beautiful, functional bar,” states Geleta.

Waldron “worked at Hattie’s for a number of years before leaving to open her own business, Sue Waldron Designs,” Beth Alexander said. “I had the unique opportunity of working with someone who knows the restaurant business, is an amazing designer and a dear friend. I think Sue and I have had the most fun during this process.”

Waldron’s brother Patrick rounded out the team and the work began.

There are many design elements in the renovation: antique tin ceiling panels used in unique places, liquor decanters, wrought iron and an antique chandelier found in the attic of a house owned by one of Beth Alexander’s closest friends.

But the biggest change is the tap beer system. “We had one beer on tap before; now we have eight,” states Jasper Alexander. “We now have the ability to offer a more unique selection of beers to our customers.”

Hattie’s patio bar will open daily at 4 p.m. with Happy Hour from 4 to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Hattie’s patio bar also opens at 9 a.m. for Saturday and Sunday Brunch.

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