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Friday, 11 July 2014 10:23

A Star Is Made – By Hard Work!

A Star Is Made – By Hard Work! Photo by MarkBolles.com

Local Actress Julie Davis’ Career Is Poised To Take Off

NISKAYUNA—If you see local Actress Julie Davis at any of the benefits or galas up here this summer, you can start a conversation with her by asking what P. Diddy is really like. Or Anjelica Huston. Or even William Jefferson Clinton for that matter. 


But if you want to show her that you are up on current events, ask her about Michael Douglas, Diane Keaton or Rob Reiner. For if all goes well, Julie will be sharing the silver screen with these Hollywood luminaries in a new movie titled “And So It Goes,” which is scheduled for worldwide release next Friday, July 18 after its New York/Hollywood premieres two nights earlier. 


Pretty heady stuff, yet Julie won’t celebrate until she sees the final cut. 


“It’s interesting,” she said. “You get paid a per diem for the day’s work whether they use you in the final edit or not. With television, they pretty much use everything they shoot.” So there will probably be a little bit of butterflies fluttering in a regional Bowtie next Friday. 


“I’m pretty confident though.” Julie noted, “while I didn’t see myself in the trailer, I did see a few snippets of the scene I shot.” So keep your fingers crossed. 


Her scene in “And So It Goes” was shot on location in Westport, CT and the Rob Reiner produced/directed film plot centers around a curmudgeon eccentric realtor (Douglas) and the mayhem that happens around a real estate office. Julie plays one of the agents. To view the trailer, visit youtube.com/watch?v=QHFkp5IpKNo 


Following this film’s release, Julie’s got a few other exciting projects in the works. You can be sure to see her in an upcoming episode of the recently released HBO series The Leftovers. She is in episode number 10, which is already in the can, and due to debut at the end of August. Also, “I’m also looking forward to being in a 2015 movie, Sleeping With Other People, an R-rated comedywhich stars Jason Sudeikis.” Julie said.


Julie has been acting professionally since graduation from Niskayuna High School and has been a member of SAG-AFTRA (Screen Actors GuildAmerican Federation of Television and Radio Artists) for nine years. This, by the way, is not something you just join like AAA. “Your (acting) credits earn you credits towards your membership.” She said. “Of course, like any union, they take a percentage of your income, but that percentage is based on earnings. Overall, it’s a fair trade-off, because your membership gives you access to really great acting classes and workshops.” Not to mention, members only events where networking is key.


Her credit list includes roles in TV series like Gossip Girl and several branches of the Law and Order tree; movies like Salt and Life of Crime. I asked her about live performances such as on stage.


“Obviously, I like the option of having a few takes.” She said. “But this is probably something I should explore, getting a little bit out of my comfort zone.” 


But don’t ask her to sing, on stage, film, anywhere. “Oh, no!” Julie said, with a laugh. “That would not be a good idea at all!”


It’s important to note that all these roles to date have been secured primarily with self-management, referrals and good old-fashioned hustle. “An agent can have hundreds of clients, so it’s important that you take care of business yourself.” Julie noted, and “In the modern era, with Skype, video and the Internet, you can audition from anywhere, and I’m happy that I still can live in this area. It’s would be helpful to be located in NYC or Hollywood, and in fact I stay with friends 1-2 days a week in the New York metro area. But that’s more for access and networking than formal auditioning per se`.”


Her short-term goals include netting a recurring role in a TV series and Julie said she would enjoy doing more commercials. 


That makes sense here. Julie would be a great spokesperson for any company wanting a professional image, as she is a fine representative of our region’s rich talent pool.


Aspiring Saratoga Children’s Theatre actress Sarah Bolles contributed questions for this article. To read Julie E. Davis’ IMDb biography, visit imdb.com/name/nm4112874/ 

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