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Thursday, 14 January 2016 15:44

Sharing the Healing Waters: A Visual Exploration of the Mineral Springs

Sharing the Healing Waters: A Visual Exploration of the Mineral Springs

SARATOGA SPRINGS – Rebecca Kane has a profound connection with the mineral water springs in Saratoga, and a gift for capturing them with her camera. When viewing one of Kane’s photographs, it’s difficult not to be moved by them. The quiet and peaceful springs burst with life in vivid, swirling color. The deep reds of the rust and the luminescence of the moving water make the springs seem alive, hence the name of Kane’s collection: Rebecca Kane Living Waters. Now, Kane wants to show the beauty of our springs to an even bigger audience by attending the largest international art show, Art Expo 2016.

“I need to get this work out in front of the world,” said Kane. “The springs are known all over the world, and now I’m able to bring it in front of the world in a visual sense, able to talk about the springs here, what they mean, the healing properties, just everything that Saratoga Springs is.”

Kane began her journey into photography when she was very young. Before moving to Clifton Park, she lived in rural Charlton, and would photograph the fields and woods she would walk in. Taking these photos opened up Kane to a whole new place of exploration, made her feel less isolated in her rural town, and in her words, “opened up a storyline” for her. “It made me feel less alone. Since then, I’ve never stopped shooting,” Kane explained.

Childhood was also when Kane began developing a bond with the springs in Saratoga. She would go to the park and play in the geysers with her family. As an adult she reconnected with the springs when she moved back to Saratoga in 2001. She began collecting the water and using them during mediation. This was during a point in Kane’s life where she was experiencing a lot of personal turmoil and going through a very difficult time.

The day Kane decided to take her first photograph of the springs was a stressful one. Her son was getting ready to go off to college and her daughter was beginning fourth grade at a new school. After she dropped her daughter off at school, Kane had an intuition to keep driving.

Kane reflected, “It was just a hard morning. Something told me to keep driving and I ended up at Old Red Spring. I had my camera in the car. My higher self told me to get out and take a picture, so I did. That was the first picture of history.”

Ever since, Kane has expanded her collection to other springs such as Hathorn Spring, Old Iron Spring, Polaris and many more. It’s striking how no two photos look the same, even if they were taken at the same time, at the same place.

“When people see my work I want them to experience something they’ve never experienced before,” said Kane. “They’re drawn to it because of the color, the texture. It all has to do with the energy of the water in the picture. It’s the splashing, dripping, bubbling of the waters. These works need to be where people can feel it and be energetically moved by them. They’re healing. It came from a place of healing and they are healing.”

Rebecca Kane Living Waters is presently displayed at AMP Gallery on Broadway, Roosevelt Baths and Spa, and at Pangea Restaurant in South Bennington, Vermont. She is open to anyone who wants to purchase her work, such as private collectors, as well as other galleries; she would also love to see her work in hospitals, medical spas and other places of healing, where she feels they could help people in times of illness or recovery. It’s important to note that all of Kane’s pieces are waterproof due to their aluminum backing, as well as easily cleaned for sterile environments.

“The healing industry is huge. A big part of the healing process is what people surround themselves with. We have this magic right here in our backyard, and I’m excited to share them. This is about so much more than me being an artist,” said Kane. “This has purpose, it has a place, and it has meaning. I want to be able to make a difference. There’s a reason I’m meant to be here.”

The next step for Kane is to get to Art Expo 2016 in New York City, an opportunity of a lifetime for her to finally share her passion and love of the springs with others. However, the cost of the trip is pricey, so with help from AMP Gallery, Kane has set up a fundraiser to get her Living Waters collection to Art Expo called “Off the Wall with Rebecca Kane.” Raffle tickets are $50 each to enter into a drawing to win one of Kane’s pieces in her Living Waters collection, a value of up to $1200. As only 100 tickets are being sold, there is a very good chance of winning. When someone purchases a raffle ticket, they also get a $40 print signed by Kane, so the ticket nearly pays for itself.

The winner of the raffle will be announced at the Off the Wall Celebration Event on Saturday, March 12 at AMP Gallery. Tickets can be purchased at AMP Gallery or by going on Kane’s website (listed below).

“This whole journey to get to Art Expo, even getting the funds to get there, is part of the experience. Once I got accepted I thought this is one way I can get my work in front of a lot of people at one time. I felt like I couldn’t afford not to do it,” said Kane. “The sooner I get this out there, the sooner it can do good.”


For more information about Rebecca Kane’s Living Waters collection, or to purchase a raffle ticket to help her get to Art Expo, visit her website at RebeccaKaneLivingWaters.com. If any corporate benefactor is interested in sponsoring Kane, she can be contacted through her email and phone number listed on her website. She will list all corporate sponsors on her page. 

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