Friday, 06 September 2019 22:40

New Coach, New Season: Scotties Varsity Football Team

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BALLSTON SPA — A Ballston Spa Native, after working for eight years in the district, Coach Jason Ohnsman has volunteered to be the new head coach of the Ballston Spa Scottie’s varsity football team.

“I’m from Ballston Spa. I graduated here so I hold it pretty close to the chest. I have a lot of pride in my community and this program,” said Coach Ohnsman.

With a vested interest in the community, Coach Ohnsman wants to instill that same care for not just the school, but for the town of Ballston Spa among his players. In addition to community consideration, Coach Ohnsman makes it clear that they embody respect for the school, community and each other both on and off the field. 

“I have a certain expectation and standard. I was looking for guys that wanted to fulfill that basically,” said Coach Ohnsman. “I told them I have high expectations and high standards. I want you guys to meet that. I want you to compete for that. Push the guys next to you. Know that doing so is going to help your teammate and help you.”

While football is a priority, Coach Ohnsman wants his players to know that their priorities should be family, school, then football, and he makes a dedicated effort to aid his players in keeping their priorities in check by checking his athlete’s grades on a weekly basis and kick starting their season with a team and family barbeque.

“It’s a privilege to play football. Football, it’s not a given, it’s not a right. You get those opportunities to put your shoulder pads on and a jersey on. As an alum, I cherish those opportunities. Those are very important for me for these guys to have those too,” said Coach Ohnsman. “But I’m not going to put anything in jeopardy over that either. You gotta handle what you gotta handle in the classroom.”

For the duration of the season Coach Ohnsman would like the team to plan at least one community service event in season, as well as focus on only the next game ahead. Coach Ohnsman took to heart a coaching style from his friend Greg O’Conner – former head coach at Schuylerville – that the “most important game is the next one.”

“Right now, we have CBA (Christian Brothers Academy) on the scrimmage for tomorrow (Saturday, August 30) morning - and that’s all we’re really worried about. I tell our guys let’s not look too far ahead but let’s be where we are right now. “

While this current team is a veteran team comprised with juniors and seniors, Coach Ohnsman hopes that he can facilitate a strong bond among his team and be granted the privilege to coach more seasons of Scotties football players. 

Friday, September 6, starting at 7 p.m. on Stadium Field will be the first game of the school season against Queensbury.

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