Thursday, 06 May 2021 14:29

Schuylerville Varsity Football Wins Class C Championship

 Photo by Denise Richard. Photo by Denise Richard.

Schuylerville — Schuylerville Varsity Football faced Hoosick Falls in the Class C Championship on Saturday, May 1. They finish their season undefeated, with a 34-15 win over Hoosick Falls to claim the title. 

The first points of the game went to Schuylerville, when a failed punt by Hoosick Falls was recovered by Abruscato in the end zone. The 2 pt. conversion was completed by Dwyer. 

In the second quarter, Dwyer scored on a 47 yd TD (2 pt. conversion unsuccessful). O. Sherman also scored on a 25 yd TD (2 pt. conversion unsuccessful). 

In the third quarter, McGarrahan scored on a 12 yd TD, and the 2 pt. conversion was completed by Dow to O. Sherman. 

Hoosick Falls got on the board in the fourth quarter, when Mackey scored on a 59 yd TD pass from D’Agostino (kick was good). Colegrove returned the ensuing kick for a 75 yd TD, and the 2 pt. conversion was completed by D’Agostino to Blake. 

Schuylerville wrapped up their scoring in the fourth quarter with a 15 yd TD pass from O. Sherman to Bowen (2 pt. conversion unsuccessful). 

Schuylerville had 313 total yards. Dwyer rushed for 73 yds on 6 carries and 1 TD, O. Sherman rushed for 35 yds on 8 carries and 1 TD, Dow rushed for 47 yds on 4 carries, and McGarrahan rushed for 28 yds on 9 carries and 1 TD. O. Sherman was 7/15 on passing attempts for 121 yds with 1 TD. Receiving, Dow had 3 catches for 69 yds and Bowen had 3 catches for 43 yds and 1 TD. On defense, Max had a sac and Abruscato had a fumble recovery in the end zone for a TD. 

Hoosick Falls had 204 total yards. Their top rusher was Nealon who had 24 carries for 79 yds. D’Agostino was 9/13 on passing attempts for 137 yds with 1 TD. Receiving, Mackey had 5 catches for 89 yds and 1 TD, Colegrove had 2 catches for 24 yds, and Blake also had 2 catches for 24 yds. On defense for Hoosick Falls Mackey had a sac. 

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