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May is Packed With Bike-citement

Slow Your Roll Campaign. Photo provided. Slow Your Roll Campaign. Photo provided.

SARATOGA SPRINGS —The last couple years have seen a huge growth in bike riding all over the world. Here in Saratoga Springs, the Green Belt Trail is moving forward and May is National Bike Month. Here is a bit of what’s going on.

Bicycle Benefits is Relaunched

Have you ever received a discount or reward at a local business for riding your bike? Well, it may be time that you did. A number of local businesses (including the Saratoga Farmers Market) are offering Bicycle Benefits to customers who show up on two wheels. Participants show a little 1 inch by 1.5 inch decal on their bike helmet and are able to get a percentage off or something for free for riding their bikes. Program stickers (which do not expire) can be picked up for $5 at local businesses including Allerdice, Impressions, Four Seasons, Bikeatoga, and Humpty Dumpty. See to learn more and see the full list of participating places.

Saratoga Slow Roll

The Saratoga Slow Roll has the summer schedule lined up and will be all ages fun. These rides are great for everyone but especially for those who are new to riding, those getting used to riding on the road and families. With the help of Impressions of Saratoga, Palette Cafe and Bikeatoga these fun rides have rolled smoothly for two years now. No spandex required. See for more info.

Bike-to-Work Day Breakfast Planned

From 6:30 a.m. to 9 a.m. on Friday, May 20 the coffee will be hot and ready on Broadway. Local volunteers have been putting on a biker breakfast in front of the Saratoga Arts Center for ten years and running and this year is no different. Use healthy transportation on your way to work (sorry your Prius doesn’t count) and folks from Bikeatoga will serve you up some warm pastries and hot beverages to fuel your day.

“Slow Your Roll” Campaign Continues to Spread

One simple thing that can be done to save lives is for vehicular traffic to drive more slowly. A 2020 traffic study showed that “lowering the street speed by 6.2 mph was associated with a 28% decrease in pedestrian motor vehicle accidents,” for example, and according to the World Resources Institute, “Every 1.6 kilometer-per-hour (1 mph) reduction in vehicle speeds on urban streets results in a 6 percent decrease in traffic fatalities.” Bikeatoga is making the “Slow Your Roll” lawn signs available to those who want to support the campaign that hopes to bring awareness and a decrease in vehicular speeds in the Saratoga area.

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