Thursday, 16 June 2022 13:02

“America’s Fastest Growing Sport” Gains Traction in Saratoga

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SARATOGA SPRINGS ­ — This year marks the 57th anniversary of pickleball, a sport played on a miniaturized tennis court with a plastic ball and wooden or composite paddles. While the sport’s origin story out of Seattle remains a bit mysterious, it’s growing popularity in recent years has landed pickleball the title of “America’s fastest growing sport,” according to the Sports & Fitness Industry Association’s 2022 Topline Participation Report (SFIA). 

To learn more about the game, the Saratoga Springs Recreation Department is hosting several pickleball workshops on Friday, June 24 for players of all levels and experiences. The workshops will be hosted at East Side Pickleball Courts (226 Lake Avenue) and headed by Ken Henderson and Peter Borjarczuk of Travelling Pickleball Pros. For more information on how to register, please visit the Saratoga Springs Recreation Department’s website or call 518-587-3550.

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