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Running? You Need a Quality Shoe!

Take your running, treadmill workouts, and track runs to the next level with running shoes cut for your foot, whether wide, regular, or slim. Shop from the top brands in active shoes and footwear for women and men. There is more to this technology that has become the norm for people wanting to work out. Running has an effect on the whole body, so it’s important to get a quality shoe. In today’s world of jogging, fashion has also found its place in the runner world. Shoe colors and logos leave us with plenty to choose from. It used to be that white and black were the only choices of active footwear. For example, I’m semi-embarrassed to say, that I have 8 to 10 pair of crossover, or running shoes. I just love the way they feel. It’s not just for exercise, I wear whichever shoes I’d like to put on daily because they’re so comfortable. Summer is my favorite time due to the fact the shoes don’t have to be subject to ice and snow. Here’s something to consider, a good shoe is going to help you physically, whether walking or running. Everyone is different, some people have high arches, or no arches, but we all pronate when we walk, or run. Those with flat feet, low arches, or overly flexible arches tend to over-pronate. Pronation is the inward movement of the foot as it rolls to distribute the force of impact of the ground as you walk and run. Believe it or not, it’s a natural movement of the foot. The foot normally flattens when it hits the ground and rolls to the inside. If your foot flattens too much, rolls too much or not enough, problems can develop from toes to spine. Overpronation • Definition: Excessive inward roll of the foot after landing. The foot continues to roll when it should be pushing off. This twists the foot, shin and knee and can cause pain in all those areas. • Diagnosis: You will see excessive wear on the inner side of your running shoes. Your shoes will tilt inward if you place them on a flat surface. Knock knees or flat feet contribute to over-pronation. More: Are You an Overpronator? • Remedies: Wear shoes with straight or semi-curved lasts. Motion-control or stability shoes with firm, multi-density midsoles and external control features that limit pronation are best. Over-the-counter orthotics or arch supports can help, too. Overpronation causes extra stress and tightness to the muscles, so do a little extra stretching. • Top Picks for Motion Control Shoes Supination (Under-pronation) • Definition: Insufficient inward roll of the foot after landing. This places extra stress on the foot and can result in iliotibial band syndrome of the knee, Achilles tendinitis and plantar fasciitis. • Diagnosis: Your shoes will show excessive wear on the entire outside edge, with the side of the shoe becoming overstretched. Your shoes will tilt outward when placed on a flat surface. High arches and tight Achilles tendons contribute to supination. Remedies: Wear shoes with curved lasts to allow pronation. Lightweight trainers allow more foot motion. Check for flexibility on the inner side of the shoe. Supinators should do extra stretching for the calves, hamstrings, quads and iliotibial band. I found this info through Google in an informative article by Wendy Bumgardner, who has written many articles relating to walking and running, Wendy is also a marathon coach. I have had my share of foot related problems, I’m flat footed and one has to be aware of the consequences that come with the condition. There’s a major concern for those who might be over weight, as difficulties can occur from the lack of the proper support for your feet, relating not only to the feet but the negative affects to the hips, knees and back. If you are one who would like to get yourself in better shape, start with walking, a good running shoe really can make the difference even when walking. There are other solutions in addition to a good shoe, and that’s getting prescribed orthotics for yourself, or a pair of quality arch support, something to research. Obviously arch supports are more affordable, but some people with extensive foot problems might need an expert to line them up correctly with orthopedic inserts. It’s a necessity to your physical health - wear good shoes, especially if you intend to start a personal running program. In the short of it all, to run/jog, or walk for physical activity, it’s imperative to purchase a top running shoe. You can hurt so many area of your physical well being with cheap shoes. As a coach, I’m convinced that it’s worth the financial investment.
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