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Aidan Holmes: Athlete of the Week

Aidan Holmes: Athlete of the Week Photo provided.
SARATOGA SPRINGS — Saratoga High School Junior Aidan Holmes has a burning passion, and growing appreciation for the game of basketball.
Basketball is a family affair for the Holmes family as Aidan’s father was also a player on the Saratoga High basketball team and needless to say Holmes was inspired to follow suit. 
“I’ve always had a basketball in my hands since I was little,” said Holmes.
Holmes began playing organized basketball when he was in the second grade by starting in the Jr. NBA at Gavin Park and continued all the way through middle school where he progressed to the Junior Varsity, then Varsity team – of which he is now one of the two team captains. Along the way, he spent some time playing for travel teams, modified leagues and the Capital District Youth Basketball League.
Aside from being the inspiration to pursue basketball, his family is his leading support system.
“My whole family supports me no matter what’s going on,” said Holmes.  “After a bad game, they’ll say ‘good game’."
While off the court, Holmes can be found training at 518 Athlete, working with his trainer Aidan Howley.
“He does a lot of things to help motivate me to be better each and every day and be a better me than from the day before,” said Holmes.
As much love and support he receives from his family and trainer, Holmes projects the same energy towards his teammates.
“I love seeing all of them every single day. And that’s made me like the game even more,” said Howley.
For many people there tends to be a least favorite aspect for any activity one engages in but for Holmes, he’s learned to grow from his dislike of early morning practice and has found a new appreciation for it.
“Now I like doing that (early practices) as much as I like playing the games,” explains Holmes.
“I realized that sooner than later I’m gonna be looking back on it. So, I don’t want to take anything for granted anymore.”
Holmes plans to continue playing the sport, at any level, or league, for as long as he can. It’s clear that once there is still a basketball in his hands there will be joy in his life. 
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