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Property Transactions 6/9/17


Devils Lane, $50,000. Mark and Sandra Dionne sold property to Santino and Britani Demario.

21 Lancaster Court, $390,000. Erika Anderson sold property to Diane and Alfred Horlacher. 

25 Beechwood Dr., $272,500. Michael and Kristina Rolfes sold property to Kevin and Mara Desilva. 

44 Lancaster Court, $82,000. Traditional Builders LTD sold property toTraditional Homebuilders and Developers Inc. 

5 Ironwood St., $381,600. Heritage Builders Group LLC sold property to Edna Sambrook.


Clamsteam Rd., $45,000. Shawn and Kelly Brimhall sold property to Caroline and Michael Mosca. 

Lot 66 Swatling Dr., $347,700. Beacon Homes LLC sold property to Victor Izquierdo.

13 Smith Rd., $350,500. Key Valley LLC sold property to Nathan and Kelly Fears. 

8 Manchester Dr., $236,900. Gary and Joanne Vermilyea sold property to Marquan and Megan Shaw. 

11 Firehouse Rd., $64,000. Jane Cunningham sold property to Firehouse Enterprises LLC. 

32 Devonshire Way, $635,000. Dominick and Elizabeth Bizzarro sold property to Keith and Carla Wyche. 

37 Manchester Dr., $243,000. Timothy Childs (by Agent) sold property to Kerry and Jesse Reksc. 


178 Arrowwood Place, $170,000. Carolyn Pedersen (by Agent) and William Pedersen (Ind. and as Agent) sold property to Patrick Daunt. 

11 Woodfield Ct., $350,340. Michaels Group Homes LLC sold property to Christopher and Nobina Preston. 

Lot 47 Maiden Circle, $362,373. John Luke Development Co. LLC sold property to Adam and Chelsea Snyder.

23 Hillman Loop, $308,200. Farone Amedore LLC sold property to Charles and Margaret Ashe. 

20 Lake Ridge Dr., $312,000. Michael Minogue and Laurie Okinaga sold property to Leslie Stoute and Suzanne Sumida. 

28 Weston Way, $391,448. Barbera Homes Malta Springs LLC sold property to Stephen Della Rocca and Virginia Mick. 


315 Atomic Project Rd., $58,500. James Egan (by Admin) sold property to Stephen and Gina Grogan. 

98 Deer Run Dr., $189,000. Steve Kucirek sold property to Daniel Barner.

858 Salem Dr., $349,900. MJGD LLC sold property to Jonathan and Caitlin Harrington. 


24 East Rd., $111,300. Stephanie Kyle sold property to Emma Schmitt. 

27 Chestnut St., $147,000. Edward and Karen Curtis (co-trustees) sold property to Jeremiah and Sarah Plumley. 

43 Barrington Dr., $290,000. Jeremy and Michele West sold property to Matthew Robbins and Corinne Stasko.

505-507, 509-511 Gansevoort Rd., $125,000. Lee Ostrander sold property to Monsour Enterprises LLC. 

41 Feeder Dam Rd., $172,400. Lynne Crocker-Gugliotta and Brian Crocker sold property to Kathleen and Ronald Prevost. 

46 Ella Dr., $260,000. John and Cassandra Luthringer sold property to Robert Hodgson and Kelly Deschaine. 


288 County Route 68, $345,000. Todd and Angela Pasternack sold property to 288 Ct Rt 68 LLC. 

13 Morgans Run, $136,000. James and Susan Bowen sold property to Richard Reese and Heather Bessette. 


30 Crommelin Dr., $402,000. Nancy Holzman and James Stegman sold property to Linda and Elliott Glansberg (Co-Trustees). 

18 Division St., $805,000. Parker Stafford sold property to THO Holdings LLC.

Loughberry Rd., $135,000. Jason and Krista Tommell sold property to City of Saratoga Springs. 

0 Route 29, $100,000. Gerald Parent sold property to Giovanone Real Estate Partners. 

15 Tompion Lane, $200,000. Thomas and Linda Curley sold property to Helen Boyd. 

16 Diamond Place, $300,000. Jean Cummings (by Admin) sold property to John and Kara Love.

1 Spring St., Unit 302, $318,000. Broadway Spring Corp sold property to Erich Haun. 

23 Murphy Lane, $715,000. LNAA Development LLC sold property to Lisa Vitiello. 

353 Broadway, $8,600,000. 353 Broadway LLC sold property to Saratoga Springs Partners LLC. 

3 Marvin Place, $330,000. Jake Zanetti sold property to Kristina Diman. 

5 Spring St. Unit 404, $550,000. Broadway Spring Corp. sold property to Patricia Arnone. 

58 Ash St., $282,500. William Cook sold property to 58 Ash Street LLC. 

38 High Rock Ave., Garage #1, $116,129. High Rock Condominiums LLC sold property to Richard Pitbladdo, Jr. 

9 Robinwood Court, $371,000. Matthew Maynard sold property to National Transfer Service LLC. 

9 Robinhood Court, $371,000. National Transfer Service LLC sold property to Daniel and Mary Buckley. 

38 High Rock Ave., Storage U#4, $3871. High Rock Condominiums LLC sold property to Richard Pitbladdo, Jr. 

38 High Rock Ave., Park Sp #4, $35,000. Richard Pitbladdo, Jr. sold property to High Rock Condominimums LLC.


136 Rt 67, $104,000. Doris Marsh (by Exec) sold property to James Dowen III. 

35 Gurba Dr., $75,000. Camelot Associates Development LLC sold property to Camelot Associates Corporation. 

35 Gurba Dr., $295,000. Camelot Associates Corporation sold property to Bruce Sharps. 

44 Lakepointe Way, Lot 54, $353,482. Mason Street LLC sold property to Marlene Coco. 


13 Craw Lane, $358,501. McPadden Builders LLC sold property to Sean and Katrina Tierney. 

Ernst Rd. W., $37,000. Nikki and Frederick Bollman, Jr. sold property to Thomas and Sheila Quinn. 

3 Chestnut Hill Dr., $570,000. RJ Taylor Builders Inc. sold property to Dominick and Elizabeth Bizzarro. 

96 Cobble Hill Dr., $400,000. Fred and Colleen Kurtz sold property to Erik and Nicole Nero. 

23 Killarney Ct., $372,000. Jeannette Daoud sold property to M. Lynn Bachner.

14 Evergreen Dr., $314,900. Christopher Luriea sold property to Justin and Kaitlin Nevins. 

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Property Transactions

  • BALLSTON SPA 4 Saddlebrook Blvd., $471,204. Barbera Homes Kelley Farms LLC sold property to Mark and Cathy Molampy.  24 Saddlebrook Blvd., Lot 60, $369,344. Legacy Custom Homes LLC sold property to Gregory Giuliano. 52 Sycamore St., $355,000. Mir Ali sold property to James Church III and Suzanne Rotella.  42 Chester St., $230,000. Matthew Spencer sold property to Andre Noel. 1 Howard St., $195,000. Donald and Bonnie Botsford sold property to Benjamin and Ashley Newsom.  MALTA 52 Wineberry Lane, $261,000.Gary Carpino and Jacqueline Brown-Carpino sold property to Michael and Cherie Powers.  122 Plum Poppy North, $388,234. Marini Land II Inc. sold…
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