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Property Transactions 6/16/17


499 Charlton Rd., $730,000. Penelope Heritage (as Trustee) sold property to David and Constance Wood. 

Lake Rd., $100,000. James Hastings (by Exec) sold property to Roy and Lindsay Coppinger (as Trustees). 

23 Long Creek Dr., $470,000. Robert and Deborah Cosmer sold property to Daniel and Deborah Holzhauer.

8 Everson Way, $300,000. Diane and Eldon Smith, Jr. sold property to Mohammed and Warka Chowdhury. 

15 Nolan Rd., $170,326. FSD 14 LLC sold property to Mako International LLC. 

635 Randall Rd., $28,000. Catherine and Derik Roy, Jr. sold property to Adam and Jody Prescott. 

226 Kingsley Rd., $375,000. Stan Button Inc. sold property to 226 Kingsley Road LLC. 

2 Garrett Lane, $308,897. Fannie Mae (by Atty) sold property to Jeramy and Ivy Sweet. 


16 Heath Rd., $64,000. Brian Palmateer and Angela Aragon sold property to Ellen Kim. 

316 West Maple St., $79,500. Angela Bronzene sold property to Michael Sutliff, Jr.

7 Atwell Rd., $289,000. Bred Colby sold property to Eric Emery and Danielle Krywy. 

42 Wiley Way, $25,000. Terre Holdings LLC sold property to  Foothills Builders LLC. 

42 Wiley Way, $229,600. Foothills Builders LLC sold property to Melissa Pacini. 

122 Ash St., $180,000. Shane Griffin sold property to Tara and Justin Anderson.


Lot 10, Jersey Hill Rd., $60,000. High Country Geospatial Inc. sold property to David and Michelle Dankanich. 


441 Maple Ave., $210,000. Mary Lou Daniels sold property to Daesha Harris and Thomas Dragonette. 

343 Middle Grove Rd., $105,000. Wells Fargo Bank sold property to Signature Home Buyers. 


28 Sand Spurrey Rd., $215,000. Dorothy McShane sold property to Patrick and Nichole Mulkern. 

47 Thimbleberry Rd., $182,000. Joshua Pulvermacher (Ind. and As Atty) and Jessica Pulvermacher (by Atty) sold property to Scott Kenny. 

14 Lindenwood Dr., $355,000. James Belcastro sold property to Christopher DePalma and Monique Gleason.

4 Essex St., $305,400. Barbera Homes Malta Springs LLC sold property to Daniel and Lisa Keating. 

Lot 14 Maple Forest Dr., $433,176. Darren Herbinger Construction LLC sold property to Paricia Hatlee. 

Lot 10 Maple Forest Dr., $93,000. H and L Development LLC sold property to Daren Herbinger Construction LLC. 

4 Carlyle Ct., $295,000. Jon Donnelly sold property to Peter and Kristine Baruzzi. 

Lot 11 Maiden Circle, $372,080. John Luke Development Co. LLC sold property to Jeffrey Wood and Jie Guo. 

7 Chango Dr., $277,000. Carlene and Jacob Evans sold property to Joshua and Stacy Christner.


518 Victory Circlle, $195,000. Patricia Hackett sold property to Donna Higley.

924 Goode Rd., $360,000. Richyard and Deborah Luetters sold property to Manzoor Sultan and Shazia Janjua. 

17 Wood Thrush Court, $254,000. Alexander and Staci Delisle sold property to Dash and Krista Brankle.

521 Acland Blvd., $248,500. Margaret Gianfagna sold property to Marcus and Anne Edwards.

4 Lancaster Place, $174,000. Carmen Glenn sold property to Richard and Jeffrey Crookes. . 


15 Anthony Lane, $555,245. Saratoga Builders LLC sold property to Timothy Derlinga and Stephanie Jackson. 

8 Timothy Dr., $149,900. Wells Fargo Bank sold property to Anna Fort.


20 Bowman St., $175,000. Donald Sherwood (as Trustee) sold property to 20 Bowman Street LLC.

7 Pamela Lane, $463,335. Blitman Saratoga LLC sold property to Steven and Kristen Cumoletti. 

Union Ave. Rear, $470,000. Karl Pogge, Jr. sold property to Denise Evert. 

24 Elizabeth Lane, $328,888. Cindy Golub (by Agent) and Steven Golub (Ind. and as Agent) sold property to Samuel and Meaghan Creydt. 

112 Circular St., $715,000. Sholom Ackelsberg and Susan Monaghan sold property to Philippe Boyer and Laurence Delarbre.

108 Hathorn Blvd., $2995,000. Erich Haun sold property to Seana Mosher. 

2271 NYS Route 50, $245,000. Arthur Smith sold property to William Ryan. .

328 Ballston Ave. #9, $305,000. Lee and Elaine DeCoste sold property to Peter and Seretha Anderson.

119 Woodlawn Ave., $135,000. Matthew Avila sold property to Saratoga City Church. 

268 Broadway, $890,000. 262 Broadway LLC sold property to Kathleen Sonnabend (as Trustee). 

97 East Ave., Unit 301, $299,500. Excelsior East LLC sold property to Joseph and Maria Notar.

220 Crescent Ave., $350,000. NBT Bank National Association (by Assignee) sold property to Scott Ronda.

17 Summerfield Lane, $662,000. Jennifer and John Lefner, Jr. sold property to Timothy Phalen and Kathleen Mullin-Phalen. 

3 Sunset Dr.., $210,000. 146 Middle Ave., LLC sold property to Brian Benna. 

124 Hathorn Blvd., $220,000. Andrew Bruning (by Agent) and Patricia Bruning (Ind and as Agent) sold property to Casey Preyer-Blakney. 

25 Jenee Way, $357,000. Mary Filpow (by Exec) sold property to Andrew Walker and Kristin Lawler.


588 Route 9P, $175,000. Fusco Films LLC and Salvatore Fusco sold property to Jennifer Richard.

520 Hudson Ave., $100,700. Joann Tucker (by Exec) sold property to Todd and Tammy Hill. 

10 Cavalry Course, $309,000. Jeffrey Alonzo sold property to Samuel and Michelle Northrop.

27 Yorktown Lane, $230,000. Cherie Lagace sold property to Aaron and Andrea Descisciolo. 

134 NYS Route 423, $232,000. Patricia VanSplinter sold property to Mary and Richard Laporta, Jr.

7 Gurba Dr., $275,400. Susan Giuliano sold property to Eric Winchell. 

13 Secretariat Lane, $290,000. Jodi Falardeau sold property to Joshua Eaton. 

26 Gronczniak Rd., $285,000. Seth and Taryn Foutz sold property to NP Dodge, Jr. and Leslie Delperdang (co-Trustees). 

12 Viall Ave., $382,500. JoAnn Alonzo sold property to David Hayes. 

26 Gronczniak Rd., $285,000NP Dodge, Jr. (as Trustee) sold property to Amy and John Williams, III. 

47 Gurba Dr., $323,000. Daniel Korman sold property to Jason and Nichole Weber.


3035 3045 Route 50, $49,300,000. RPAI Saratoga Springs Wilton LLC sold property to Wilton Square Associates LLC. 

25 Peach Tree Lane, $309,000. Kathleen Mullin-Phalen sold property to Tyler Kelley and Anne Diggins.

7 Cherry Tree Lane, $325,000. Paul Litwak sold property to Robert Nelson II. 

1 Saddlewood Trail, $275,000. Max and Lori Rausch sold property to Marcelline Brunswick. 

34 Evergreen Dr., $200,000. Frederick Wolken sold property to Bruce Jensen, Jr.

21 Sheffield Rd., $390,000. Wendy and Paul Burton, III sold property to Christopher and Carisa Anctil. 

27 Cider Mill Way, $490,506. Smith Bridge LLC sold property to Michael and Diana Fenton. 

99/101 Edie Rd., $239,000. Gertrude DeCerbo sold property to David Locke. 

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Property Transactions

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