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Thursday, 22 June 2017 19:14

Two Wilton Projects Moving Forward

WILTON — This week town planning officials approved the addition of space to the proposed Cumberland Farms on Maple Avenue, and considered separately a busy music-production company’s plan to build a new headquarters on Route 50.

Ross Galloway, a site acquisition and development manager for Connecticut-based First Hartford Corporation, has shepherded the Wilton Cumberland Farms project through the approval process for many months.

As planned, the new store will be located at the intersection of Daniels Road and Maple Avenue (Route 9). Galloway said he expects construction to start there by September.

The project was slightly delayed, he explained, because company officials decided to add nearly 500 square feet of space for cappuccino machines, along with counters and seats near a window that the store’s customers will be able to utilize.

At its June 21 meeting, the Wilton Planning Board approved that site plan amendment, which will bring the store’s total footprint to over 5,000 square feet. There also will be gas pumps and ample parking at the new Cumberland Farms.

Galloway said he anticipates final approvals for the project—including one from the state Department of Transportation (DOT)—to be completed by the end of July.

Ryan Riper, Wilton’s director of planning and engineering, said the state DOT will be adding a “two-way left turn lane” on Route 9 to ensure that northbound traffic does not get impeded by vehicles turning left into the Cumberland Farms.

This week the planning board also considered the site plan application of High Peaks Sound, a local company that specializes in providing music production equipment.

On July 8, High Peaks Sound will supply the stage and sound system for Parkfest, which includes a wide variety of music and family activities at Wilton’s popular Gavin Park.

Riper said the company has submitted “conceptual” plans to build a 9,600-square-foot storage warehouse and office space on Route 50 north of the retail district.

Roger Sharp, the owner of High Peaks Sound, said his company is involved in “so many different” events in the Capital Region and beyond that his current home base in the Town of Saratoga no longer suits his needs.

“We’re out of room here,” Sharp explained.

At present, there are two structures on the property in Wilton where High Peaks Sound wants to build its new warehouse.

Aside from the necessary town approvals, legal professionals are negotiating terms of a property sale. The Saratoga Springs transportation company Durrin Inc., which has a fleet of buses available to local schools, seniors and others, currently owns the land.

Riper indicated that officials in Wilton are open to assisting Sharp relocate his High Peaks Sound headquarters as quickly as possible—because, in general, they support local business owners.

Any “unnecessary” delays in project approvals, Riper said, “just cost everybody money.” 

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