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Friday, 01 March 2024 13:04

A Petition Re Short Term Rentals

By John Kaufmann | Saratoga Springs Politics

[JK:I received this release from the Saratoga Springs Rental Rights Alliance, raising concerns regarding the initiative for managing the city’s short-term rentals. It includes a petition to sign.]

We, the undersigned residents and concerned citizens of Saratoga Springs, NY, hereby express our strong opposition to rushed legislation aimed at restricting or regulating short-term rentals within our community.

The text of the petition

Link to petition

Dear John,

Saratoga Springs Rental Rights Alliance Calls for ‘Caution and Common Sense’ as the City Addresses Short-Term Rentals.

The Saratoga Springs Rental Rights Alliance is a nonpartisan group of concerned citizens who are calling for the city to slow down, stop, and think before proceeding with proposed short-term rental regulations. The proposed regulations consist of nine pages of new requirements, including permit fees, applications, site plans, insurance requirements, inspections, and legal liability for homeowners who engage in short-term rentals within the City of Saratoga Springs.

Short-term rentals are part of the fabric of Saratoga Springs, with the tradition of track rentals spanning back decades as a way for homeowners to supplement their income. It must be noted that short-term rentals are not, and have never been, illegal in the City of Saratoga Springs.

The SSRRA is asking the city to slow down and examine the impact of the proposed rules on the city’s economy. Specifically, the SSRRA is concerned about the impact that the proposed regulations will have on the lodging base in the city during the peak tourist season that supports so many of our vibrant businesses and restaurants.

Furthermore, the SSRRA is concerned that the proposed regulations will have a disproportionate impact on residents who rent their properties for only a few weekends every year. Those residents may be priced out of participating in STRs in the face of onerous regulatory requirements. Notably, while STRs will have to pay a $1000 biannual registration fee under the proposed law, the application fee for a large hotel (100+ rooms) is merely $150.

Additionally, it is well-known that STRs are commonly used by families who are priced out of more expensive hotel accommodations, and eliminating or decreasing the STR stock will limit the availability of Saratoga Springs as a destination for many of our seasonal visitors and workers.

The SSRRA is asking for the following:

1.  A study of the impact of the proposed regulation on the city’s economy.

2.  A thorough examination of the cost of the proposed regulations and the city’s ability to carry it out.

3.  The establishment of a cross-sectional working group to examine the proposed regulations and proposed agreeable changes.

4.  A reconsideration of the $1,000 fee.

5.  A reconsideration of the requirement that rentals be ‘owner-occupied’ as that term is defined in the proposed regulations.

The SSRRA will be conducting a press conference on Monday, March 4th at 11:30am on the steps of City Hall and invites all interested parties to attend.

Please contact Christina DeSimone (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) with any questions or for further comment.

The Saratoga Springs Rental Rights Alliance Facebook: Link

The Saratoga Springs Rental Rights Alliance Instagram: Link

Link to petition

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