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Wednesday, 30 August 2023 11:09

Thank You Readers! Some Blog Stats

By John Kaufmann | Saratoga Springs Politics
Thank You Readers! Some Blog Stats

Jane Weihe, my wife and editor, and I want to thank the many readers of this blog for their interest and input.

We started this blog in the summer of 2015. The decline and indeed disappearance of local newspapers lead us to want to create a forum for information about and the discussion of issues in our city, Saratoga Springs. We also were hoping to provide a forum where people of good will could disagree without being subjected to the vitriol that was becoming so common on social media sites.

Traffic was rather slow that first year, and we worried about the relevance and interest in what we were publishing.

Over the years, though, the blog has built up an extensive readership. Our reach was extended when Saratoga Today began hosting our posts on their website as well.

Today, I can report that over the eight years since we first published started to our posts we have enjoyed over 1,000,000 views on our site which does not include all the views on the Saratoga Today site. In fact, most individual posts now generate over 1,500 views between our blog site and Saratoga Today.

Jane and I love Saratoga Springs and have the greatest respect for the men and women who work for our city. We hope to continue to explore and write about our city and engage our readers in thoughtful discussions about local issues.

Thank you all!

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Pleases note that the views for the “latest” post (931) and the views for the “Most popular post in the past year” (1,900) do not include the views on Saratoga Today. In the case of the “latest” add 606 views from Saratoga Today for a total of 1,537.

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  • Saratoga Springs Police Michael Roohan, 31, of Saratoga Springs, was charged Sept. 19 with obstruct governmental administration, and on Sept. 18 with criminal possession of a controlled substance.  Brett Fox, 34, of Ballston Spa, was charged Sept. 18 with criminal obstruction of breathing.  Courtney Pigliavento, 38, of Ballston Spa, was charged Sept. 18 with petit larceny, and criminal possession of stolen property.  Salvatore Panetta, 54, of Whitehall, was charged Sept. 18 with petit larceny.  Armistead Mead, 45, of Saratoga Springs, was charged Sept. 18 with operating motor vehicle while impaired by drugs, leaving the scene of a property damage accident, and…

Property Transactions

  • BALLSTON Edward Swanson sold property at 234 Round lake Rd to Amanda Dealo for $275,000 Brookview Court Inc sold property at 31 Arcadia Ct to Megan McCormack for $356,469 Kathryn Schneider as trustee sold property at 7 Sycamore St to Terri Allen for $401,500 CORINTH Louis Faraone sold property at 91 Main St to Michaela Bovee for $220,000 Brendon Emery sold property at 1 Mill Creek Rd to Paul Posson for $410,000 GALWAY Lisa Letourneau sold property at 2467 Galway Rd to Jason Barnes for $402,000 Frederick Puliafico sold property at 3011 South Shore Dr to Joann Gallucci for $235,000…