Thursday, 28 May 2020 15:10

Schuylerville and Malta Go Head-to-Head in Battle to July 4

MALTA / Schuylerville — Village of Schuylerville Mayor Dan Carpenter and Malta Councilman Timothy Dunn have initiated a friendly wager to see which community can raise more money for its food pantry by July 4. 

“We wagered some beers from our local breweries; Bound by Fate Brewing Company from Schuylerville and Unified Beerworks from Malta,” Carpenter says. “This is all in good fun but seriously, this all is to raise money for a good cause.

“To add a little more fun and to put some more skin into the game, if we beat Malta, I will let my children shave my head bald and my wife will get to shave the beard she loves soooo much,” Carpenter added. 

“We’re ready to show how Malta works. And sorry, mayor, when we win, my hair and beard are staying right where they are!” responded Dunn. 

To donate to the Schuylerville SAFER food pantry, go to:

To donate to the Malta Food Pantry, go to: 

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