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Primaries: Everything You Need to Know

Primary Elections will be held Tuesday, June 27. Primary Elections will be held Tuesday, June 27.

Primary Elections: Tuesday, June 27 – Polling Places, Candidates

SARATOGA COUNTY —Primary Election races will take place in six municipalities in Saratoga County on Tuesday, June 27. Polls will be open 6 a.m. – 9 p.m. 

In the city of Saratoga Springs, incumbent Democrat Mayor Ron Kim is facing a primary contest challenge from former city Public Safety Commissioner Chris Mathiesen. There are 8,330 registered Democrat voters in Saratoga Springs who may participate in the Primary Election.   

Regardless of Tuesday’s outcome, both Kim and Mathiesen may still appear on the ballot in the general election in November, as Kim has additionally been endorsed by the Working Families Party and Mathiesen by the group One Saratoga. The Republican Party has endorsed John Safford for mayor. 

Courtney DeLeonardis, chair of One Saratoga, last week announced that the group, “nonpartisan, dedicated to unity and good government in Saratoga Springs,” secured sufficient signatures – nearly 1,000 - to ensure a line on the November ballot. 

To cast a ballot in the Primary Election, voters must be enrolled in the specific political party that is featured in that Primary Election. 

This designation includes registered Democrats in Saratoga Springs, registered Conservatives in Clifton Park and Malta, and registered Republicans in Clifton Park, Day, Mechanicville and Providence.   

Contested Primary elections, and parties involved: 

Town of Clifton Park

Conservative - Town Justice: 

Vida Sheehan v. Robert A. Rybak.

Republican - Town Justice: 

Vida Sheehan v. Robert A. Rybak. 

Republican – Highway Superintendent: 

Michael Traider v. Dahn S. Bull.   

Town of Day

Republican – Town Councilmember (vote for 2): Lorraine Newton; Ellen Taylor; Joseph L. Flacke, Jr.; Cheryl L. Allen. 

Town of Malta

Conservative – Town Councilmember (vote for 2): Murray Eitzmann; Timothy F. Dunn; Craig M. Warner. 

Conservative – Judicial Delegate for the 113th Assembly District (vote for 2): Thomas J. Sartin, Jr.; Michael J. Welch; David F. Buchyn; Jeffrey A. Hurt. 

Conservative – Alternate Judicial Delegate for the 113th Assembly District (vote for 2): Tristan A. Ramsdill; Janet Hurt; Michael R. Biss, Jr.; Isabel L. Sartin. 

City of Mechanicville 

Republican – Commissioner of Finance (remainder of term): Mark Seber v. Tamar Martin. 

Town of Providence 

Republican – Town Councilmember (vote for up to 2): Ann Morris; Randy Wolfe. 

City of Saratoga Springs

Democratic – Ronald J. Kim v. Christian E. Mathiesen. 

To find your polling place, go to: 

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