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Groundbreaking Development: Largest Residential Construction in Over a Decade Underway in Saratoga Springs

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SARATOGA SPRINGS - The Estates at Beaver Pond Village, a Blitman Development community, recently broke ground in an approximately 150-acre area off Geyser Road. Construction of 84 single-family homes is set to begin shortly, the first new residential project of this size in Saratoga Springs in over a decade.


Spearheaded by Saratoga East Avenue Associates, a consortium of local and New York State investors and developers, the Estates at Beaver Pond Village is more than just a new housing development, it’s a nature preservation.

“This neighborhood is special because of its connection with the natural environment and its conservation elements,” said Scott Varley, president of Scott Varley Real Estate, the exclusive realtor for Beaver Pond.

“First and foremost, the homes will be built on approximately 29.9 acres out of about 150 acres,” said Varley. “The approximately 120 acres of undeveloped land will be a special blend of natural habitats for plant and animal species. This will basically allow them to remain as they are, amongst and adjacent to the future homeowners.”

In addition to maintaining the natural habitats, the creation of the estates actually goes a step further, protecting areas that are currently under threat.

“This area has been known locally as the sand dunes, which are visible from Geyser Road,” said Varley. “These dunes have been damaged over the years from ATV use and from folks taking the sand for home use. However, with the advent of this new home community, these dunes and surrounding area will be protected forever from any further damage.”

The project’s builder, Blitman Development Corporation, is no stranger to integrating residences with the natural environment. Builders of the Preserve at Rye, in Rye, N.Y., and the Preserve at Somers, in Somers, N.Y., Blitman recognizes the development as a fragile ecosystem with a lot of variables to consider.

“This project has many moving parts,” said Michael Magnatta, director of sales and marketing at Blitman. “A butterfly preserve, archaeological protected areas, wetland mitigation/creation and acres of open space with nature trails that integrate with the sidewalks throughout the community.”

The development’s location is a protected habitat for the endangered Blue Karner Butterfly, as well as home to numerous wetland areas and animal species. As an added community benefit, a nature trail system will be constructed as part of the residential development, allowing the public access to never-before-seen wonders of Saratoga Springs.

“You will see a number of types of natural areas,” said Varley. “Areas including older forest growth, several large beaver ponds, some grassy open areas, and views over to adjacent natural wetlands that are home to a sizeable population of birds, plants and other species.”

The neighborhood itself models “new urbanism,” a building design that utilizes smaller, city-sized lots with cottage-style homes and a vintage feel.

“There will be beautiful trees and lampposts lining the streets welcoming residents to take a stroll through their community,” said Magnatta. “The homes’ exterior designs are artfully married to their natural settings, and the interior floor plans mirror their owners’ lifestyles.”

The project is anticipated to be completed and at 100 percent occupancy in three years’ time.

“We chose this location because [we] love the city of Saratoga Springs and enjoy what the city has to offer,” said Magnatta. “We are so excited about this new community that one of our partners plans to be a proud owner of a Blitman home in The Estates at Beaver Pond Village.”

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