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Thursday, 22 May 2014 15:24

A New Look At LOOK TV

New Personalities and Programming Starting Next Month


SARATOGA SPRINGS – LOOK TV, available locally on Time Warner Cable channel 68, is preparing to launch new programming with a local focus about issues concerning women. They also will be revising its daily newscast to become more feature-oriented. Both programs will continue to place emphasis on the geographic area comprised of Saratoga, Washington and Warren counties.


“Like you (referring to Saratoga TODAY Newspaper), our mission is to be hyper-local,” said LOOK TV President and CEO Jesse H. Jackson III. “As the products you publish are a vital must-read for myself and anyone who wants to be informed about our community, we constantly strive to deliver the same relevant content via a different platform.”


To that end, Jackson previewed some program lineup additions and enhancements to existing programming that are scheduled to debut in early June: 


“HER LOOK” with Paula Gretzinger


“As far as I am concerned, this should in short order become the station’s ‘crown jewel,’ both for the programming we hope to provide to this important market segment,” Jackson said, “but also the professionalism and enthusiasm our new host brings to the mix.”


The host of “HER LOOK” will be Paula Gretzinger, whose background includes network affiliate news on-camera and producer credits, as well as multi-media experience. She was part of the original team that launched Capital News 9 (now Time Warner News) in this market. Also, she founded ParentologyWithPaula.com, a website that has video casts; interviews and perspectives on all topics related to parenting and related subjects. 


“My number one qualification is that I’m a mom (of three),” Paula said. “For me, a motto that I live by is “Families First” – which extends beyond traditional parental roles. Once your child is born, you are a parent to the day you pass beyond this world.” With “HER LOOK,” she hopes to widen the net of topics that are vital to women, while spotlighting achievers who make a difference locally.


“For the past few years, I have spearheaded a project called ‘Parent of the Year’ – a awards gala that recognizes parents, men and women, in various categories. A great example is Heather Straughter, who we awarded ‘Most Inspirational Parent.’ I’m thrilled to see that that she’s a Saratoga TODAY “Woman of Influence” this year.


Ms. Gretzinger places a premium on community involvement off-camera as well – putting emphasis on activities locally such as with the regional chapters of the Autism Society, Junior Achievement and with the “Sports are for Everyone” annual bowling event. She recently concluded (along with several prominent Capitol Region men and women) a 10-week activity campaign to benefit The Lymphoma and Leukemia Society. She also is looking forward to representing the area in an upcoming event that might lead to some interesting first-person on-air accounts:


“In August, I will travel to Virginia and represent the Capital Region in the “Crowns of Inspiration,” which is a national pageant with a twist. It’s based on community service, inspiring others and making a difference. I have put together quite a team to help me with this endeavor, including Cathy Taylor, Gina Sidoti Wesoloski, Daniel Mozzes and Allison Provenzano.” She said.


For his part, Jackson believes that his ‘HER LOOK’ team, which includes Director of Media Development Christine Dixon and Ms. Gretzinger, is already giving him such a winning hand that “the smartest thing I can do, having set the tone, is to take a step back and let these fine people do their job.” But he emphasized that this will be a show with a lot subject matter that reaches beyond traditional ‘women’s’ programming. “For instance, we just shot a great “HER LOOK” segment this morning with Steph Carleton, who is a First Vice President at Janney Montgomery Scott about financial challenges facing women.” The HER LOOK team intends to make finance a cornerstone of it’s programming, in addition to lifestyle, health and parenting issues. “We also want to integrate a touch of both humor and, where appropriate, controversy.” He said.


HER LOOK will be a half-hour weekly program, which will debut in primetime during the week on June 9 and will be re-broadcast at least twice per week. 




Beginning June 1, the program now originating as LOOK News will reformat and have a new name – LOOK TODAY. Mr. Jackson said, “The only thing that will be the same is a short headline segment and the weather, which is already geared to the local market.”


The balance of the show will have longer than usual feature segments, on topics such as society and racing. “They’ll be others, for sure,” Jackson noted. He said that he identified people who would be the lead correspondents on these segments, though he declined to reveal who they were at this time. “I have to save some surprises for my own media,” he said, laughing. 


These LOOK TV programming additions come on the heels of the launch of two well-received new programs in April: Beyond the Headlines, hosted by former Saratoga Springs Mayor Michael Lenz and TRAX which features performances by esteemed local musicians such as Bob Warren and Steve Candlen. 


All in all, if you haven’t visited in awhile, it may behoove you to take a new look at LOOK TV next month. After you have finished reading your favorite newspaper, of course.



For more information, visit looktvonline.com

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