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May 3 - 9, 2024

This charming home at 1717 Mechanic St in Galway was listed by Karan Murray from Roohan Realty and sold for $230,000. This charming home at 1717 Mechanic St in Galway was listed by Karan Murray from Roohan Realty and sold for $230,000.


Edward Pigliavento sold property at 2 Arcadia Ct to Stephen Emler for $399,900

Erik Jacobsen sold property at 51 Westside Dr to Jeffrey Satterlee for $330,000

Brian Toth sold property at 288 Middleline Rd to Giannna Priolo for $347,000


Owen Germain sold property at Hermance Rd to Stephen North for $120,000


Nicholas Belmonte sold property at 260 Middle Grove Rd to Timothy McAuley for $800,000

Derek Peschieri sold property at 33 Southwest Pass to Michael Flinton for $400,000


Jennifer Stott sold property at 41 Vettura Ctl to ESI Development LLC for $476,500

Kathy Sanders sold property at 85 Wake Robin Rd to Kirsten Hershey for $240,000

Tonya Sanderson sold property at 6 Springfield Dr to John Spoor for $566,000

Stennett Green sold property at 13 Sierra Trace to James Mahoney for $420,000

Gary Horwedel sold property at 11 Peck Ave to Heidi Firstencel for $220,000


Robert O’Neill sold property at 42 Center St to Joshua Fabian for $185,000

Larry Fugate sold property at 2103 Doubleday to 2103 Doubleday Ave LLC for $300,000

Patricia Rand sold property at 550 Victory Circle to Matthew Crankshaw for $432,500

David Bobick sold property at 14 Coachman Dr to Richard Solosky for $165,000

Christopher Rasmussen sold property at 445 Northline Rd to Laura Socia for $309,000

Cynthia LaForest sold property at 52 Middle St to Shuana Agneta for $235,000


Daniel MacMillan sold property at 1 Mennen Rd to Daniel Ireland for $325,000

Tradewind Residential LLC sold property at 698 NYS Rt 29 to Brian Walter for $410,000

Michael Phillips sold property at 1316 NY 9P to William Olson for $1,235,000

Benchmark Properties of Albany sold property at 12 Louden Rd to Greek Spring LLC for $104,444


William Paul sold property at 247 Caroline St to Cliff Edge Enterprises for $450,000

Richard Bush sold property at 11 Ritchie Pl to 11 Ritchie Place LLC for $975,000

John Doyle sold property at 130 Woodlawn Ave to Jennifer Vogt for $750,000

Russell Barrett sold property at 27 Julians Way to Elizabeth Baran for $1,100,000

Joseph Tesar sold property at 32 Ferndell Spring Dr to Mertkan Kantarmaci for $358,000

Justin Freebern sold property at 138 West Circular St to Arthur Bromley for $515,000

Catherine Wright sold property at 24 Ferndell Spring to Quinn Friedel for $335,000

Robert Chauvin sold property at 7 Collins Terrace to Elisa Dearhouse for $735,000

519 Broadway LLC sold property at 153 Nelson to 153 Nelson LLC for $600,000

519 Broadway LLC sold property at 151 Nelson to 153 Nelson LLC for $800,000

Gavin Labate sold property at 60 Catherine St to Donald Brovich for $720,000


John Leggett sold property at 85 Traver Rd to CMG Mortgage Inc for $207,900.

Amanda Debrule sold property at 14 Foxhound Run to Michael Asaro for $1,300,000

Mark Gray sold property at 10 White Birch Lane to Carolyn Behan for $380,000

Justin Nevins sold property at 14 Evergreen Dr to Avery Roberts for $427,000.

Adam Moore sold property at 40 Tom Sawyer Dr to Brennen Chavez for $345,000

Melissa Birch sold property at 558 Wilton Gansevoort Rd to Bryce Mussen for $280,000

Jamie Curtis sold property at 14 Tom Sawyer Dr to Joseph Coletta for $385,000.

Christopher Marcotte sold property at 19-21 Vincek Lane to William Fink for $180,000

Forest Grove LLC sold property at 4 Ocala Ct to Bradley McCloskey for $772,376

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  • Saratoga County Sheriff’s Office  A 20-year-old Watervliet man was charged with first degree manslaughter after allegedly “striking another person with a large wrench and causing that person’s death,” according to the Saratoga County Sheriff’s Office. The sheriff’s office said they received a call of a fight in progress on Sparrow Drive in the town of Malta and the Investigation into the complaint led to the arrest of Cyrus J. Tetreault, 20, of Watervliet.  The victim was identified as 53-year-old Malta resident Brian M. Miller.  “It is truly tragic that this situation resulted in a loss of life,” county Sheriff Michael Zurlo…

Property Transactions

  • BALLSTON  Richard Burt sold property at 921 Route 50 to 921 Route 50 LLC for $173,000 GALWAY Rita Werner and Erin Forlenza sold property at 1064 West Galway Road to Karen Crandall for $145,000 GREENFIELD John Mishoe sold property at 463 Allen Road to Michael Forlini for $390,000 John Duffney sold property at 288 North Greenfield to Kelly Rozembersky for $270,000 MALTA  Timothy Albright sold property at 54 Shore Ave to Joseph DiDonna for $800,000 Jennifer Hogan sold property at 5 Plum Poppy South to Dustin Mullen for $475,000 Nicolas Aragosa sold property at 10 Scotch Mist Way to Steven…
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