Thursday, 09 April 2020 12:41
By Todd Shimkus, President of the Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce | Families Today
Look And You Will Find Resilience Everywhere

Resilience is defined as the process of adapting well in the face of adversity.

And in these last four weeks, I’ve seen so much resilience here in Saratoga Springs and Saratoga County as we face significant adversity from COVID 19. 

Seeing people and businesses adapt has helped me stay hopeful and optimistic. Here’s a few examples…

My wife purchased, picked up and has planted beautiful pansies in our backyard from Sunnyside Gardens without ever seeing anyone.

Racing City Brewing delivered a growler of beer to my front porch. They left me a kind note indicating that I was their first Take Out delivery.

Impressions of Saratoga is delivering Porch Packages with local products to brighten up your day.

Today is Day 25 of the Max Level Fitness daily workout program. Every day, they have shared a workout routine anyone can do from home.

Just one week ago on a conference call with local bankers, the SBA referred to the roll out of the Paycheck Protection program as building an airplane while it is flying. 

Yet the next day and all through the weekend, local bank employees did everything they could to get our local small businesses approved for these loans.

Wellspring expanded its efforts to support survivors of relationship and sexual abuse by offering an internet based chat hotline since they can’t meet in person and because incidences of domestic violence and sexual assault increase during times of uncertainty.

CAPTAIN Community Human Services established three completely separate employee teams to ensure redundancy should a staff member become sick at a time when the need for their services has doubled.

Employers who are still hiring moved almost entirely to using virtual interviews as they sought to provide local jobs to those now suddenly looking for one.

The Holiday Inn and Shelters of Saratoga created a temporary shelter in the hotel for those among us who are homeless.

Employees at Saratoga Hospital who are on the front-line of this fight vs COVID 19 have adapted and become heroes among us for their bravery, skill, and compassion. And in return, local volunteers teamed up with the Saratoga Hospital Foundation to raise money to purchase meals for these Hospital employees from local restaurants.

Local breweries crafted a new local brew called Negative Input with the proceeds from all sales being donated to help local hospitality workers who are
now unemployed.

The Children’s Museum at Saratoga hosted their 30th Anniversary Gala “To Go” and reported that it was a huge success.

In the face of adversity, these organizations and so many, many others in our local communities are adapting. 

We’re doing business differently. We’re raising money differently. We’re helping others differently. We’re finding opportunities where we can be in control. We’re collaborating. We’re then doing something good and positive.

It is these actions that prove we are resilient. That we can and will overcome this threat.

That’s why I remain hopeful and optimistic and you should too. 

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