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Reason, Season or Lifetime? Recognizing the Symbolism of Your Relationships

By Meghan D. Lemery, LCSW-R | Families Today

Research proves the key to a happy life is hidden in the quality of our relationships. Whether it is the relationship you have with yourself, spouse, children, parents, siblings or friends; our relationships help us discover who we are and give us the tools we need to learn and pass the baton of wisdom to the next generation.  


Passing the baton always involves growth and insight. The insight we gain through the experience of relationships is what helps us to move forward and master the next step to greatness within our hearts and minds. Every relationship we experience holds the tools we need to break the chains of the past and move forward to bigger and better things. Just like a museum that holds treasures and artifacts from the past, our relationships hold the answers, maps and artifacts that can heal our hearts and quiet our minds, giving us the grace and strength we need to move forward.  


Everyone has a blind spot. Think back to a time when you were cruising down the highway and were certain you could move into the next lane without obstruction. All of a sudden a horn blares and you immediately become alert, grab the steering wheel and stop singing out loud to the Artist Formally Known as Prince. 

  A “reason” relationship shows up in your life to wake you up and dare you to be more alert. 

We all fall asleep. It’s easy to become used to the every day rhythm of “Wake up, do your thing, go to bed, wake up again.” All of us, at some point during the course of life, need a whistle or bell to wake us up out of a deep slumber and smack us into the world of purpose.

Every human being on the planet has a purpose. You are here for a purpose.  You have unique gifts, talents and quirks that are on purpose. Perhaps it’s a gift with children, cooking, running a business or organizing a messy closet.  Whatever your gift is, it’s here for a reason.

Reason wakes us up to show us our purpose. When we become stagnant and bored, purpose calls out, longing to wake us from our slumber. When we lose our purpose and drive to move forward, we unknowingly call out to “reason” to save the day. A reason symbol in your life comes in the form of inspiration and enthusiasm. It can be as simple as a bumper sticker you see on your way to work that makes you look twice,or a person that you feel drawn to that makes you feel energized and alive.

The reason this symbol is in your life is to call you back to your purpose.  Without a purpose and vision, we die emotionally, physically, spiritually and sexually. Reason comes to save the day and shake us out of our slumber and remind us of our purpose. You are here for a reason and when you lose that purpose and drive to share your gifts with the world reason shows up with smelling salts to slap you out of your slumber and remind you that you matter. 

The “reason” relationships of our lives call us back to our true purpose and demand us to wake up and take stock in the life we are living. Don’t wait for reason to punch you in the face, wake up now and ask yourself if you are living a life of purpose.


We all go through the different seasons of relationships in our lives. Each season Mother Nature teaches us new lessons to help us move forward and bring new growth into our lives. She is the ever vigilant parent calling us to let go, go with the flow and plant new seeds of abundance into our lives. 

Autumn asks us to explore and rediscover our colors and gifts, winter asks us to slow down and grieve loss and regrets, spring demands we smell the new earth and prepare the soil of our hearts for new growth and abundance in all areas, and summer asks us to sit back, feel the warm breeze and enjoy the ride. 

Take a look back at the “Season” relationships that you have had in your life. Was an autumn relationship about going for a different type and embracing the color of change? Did you encounter a winter relationship that called you to let go of your dream and experience the cold of being alone?  Did a spring relationship give you hope and renewal in yourself and life in general? Was a summer season about having fun and letting go in love and life? 

Take some time to examine what season you experienced in the relationship you were in at the time. What did that “Season” relationship teach you? 

Remember, seasons are necessary for healing, change, growth and expansion. Every relationship you have experienced was a season in your life that was meant to bring you forward and get you ready for the “Lifetime” season of your life.


The Lifetime relationships you experience are all about learning from your “Reasons” and “Seasons”.  It is a time in your life where you are awake and alive without the need for “Reason” to wake you up. You know who you are and what you have to offer. You can look back and see the different “Seasons” of your life without the bleeding pain of guilt and regret. You know what you want and you are ready to embrace healthy relationships in every area of your life. You are fully awake, alive, aware and ready to enjoy life with the lessons you have learned.

You recognize that no one, person or place is responsible for your happiness; rather, it comes from your own purpose, insight and accountability. The “Reasons” and “Seasons” of your life have revealed themselves and you are ready to move on and forge a new path with a new vision and joie de vivre. 

A lifetime relationship is one in which you are truly who you were meant to be—YOU. We can only get there when we have passed through the reasons and seasons of our life.

Whatever reason or season you are in, embrace it and get ready; your lifetime is coming!

Ms. Lemery is a psychotherapist practicing in Glens Falls and Saratoga Springs. For more information, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit


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