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A Pressing Engagement

By John Reardon | Families Today

Hello my foodie friends! 

Today’s subject is the Bodum French Press. I am mentioning the name brand because first, I believe that they are an outstanding company and second and most importantly that they are 100 percent family owned business. 


It is currently owned by Pia Bodum and Jørgen Bodum, daughter and son of the founder Peter Bodum. Their products perform well and always have great customer satisfaction scores. It is no secret that I love coffee. There are many ways to make coffee but this is one of the best.  

People who use a press know and act like it is their own secret. You can see it in the gleam in the eyes when they talk about it or their smile as they are purchasing one for a friend. 

You can also see it in their frowns when they need one because the old one is lost due to a move or they are visiting somewhere on an extended vacation. 

My customers have many different passions for their favorite products but french press people are knowledgeable and loyal. One reason is that a french press captures more of the coffee flavor, aromas and oils from the beans than drip coffee makers. You lose a lot in a drip maker to the paper filter.  

Once you have your press, the directions are simple:

• Use coarse ground coffee. (remember fine will come through your screen)

• Add hot water and stir

• Wait about four minutes and              press slowly to the bottom

• Enjoy a great cup of coffee


You should probably consume your coffee within 20 minutes of preparing as it could become bitter. Some people prefer it that way of course. You can also vary the strength by adding more or less coffee. Bodum also makes a tea press which has been catching on with tea customers. 

Where ever your tastes take you should be your guide. 

I believe family businesses care more and put a little bit of themselves into their products. Stop in to my family business and let’s have some coffee talk about how Barbara Streisand is like “buttah”. 

And remember my Foodie Friends: “Life Happens in the Kitchen.”

Take Care, 

John and Paula

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