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Hello my Foodie Friends! 

Many foods bring back memories of my childhood. One particular meal that my mother used to make in the winter, and to this day makes me smile, is soup. I was one of five children who went outside to play even at subzero temperatures. When we would come rolling back indoors, full of snow and chattering teeth, my mother’s special soups are what warmed us up. If I see soup on a menu at a restaurant, I have to try it. The soothing feel and smell of soup is a reminder of her that stays with me. Soup is a food that brings out our creative side and makes us all into great chefs. 

My mother used to empty the refrigerator into her soups. They were always fun and kept us wondering what she put in there this time. I can still envision at least four of us young children sitting very patiently waiting for our meal. We would be treated to some meatball soup or hotdog soup. She made tomato, chicken noodle, vegetable, pastina chicken broth, and old Italian bread soup (putting old Italian bread into a broth). Yes, mom would just invent names of soups like; “John soup or Billy soup and Danny and Patty soup.” My older sister CarolAnn felt she was too grown up for a soup, so she deferred to us. We would giggle and sing soup songs that we would make up. My song was “John’s soup is a very fine soup, John’s soup! Ohhhh John’s soup is a very fine soup, JOHN’S SOUP!” I know the song is weird, but to people under age seven it was like singing songs from the Beatles. 

There was one essential item that my mother had to have to assist her with the process of making her broth, the soup sock. You can fill these cotton mesh bags with your favorite herbs and ingredients for flavoring stocks and soups. The finely woven material holds delicate herbs or expands to accommodate everything from bones to chopped vegetables. When cooking is complete, simply remove the bag – no need for straining! They are made of strong, 100% fine cotton mesh. The soup sock comes in a large size to accommodate all sorts of flavoring ingredients, from bones and whole vegetables to herb leaves. They will not impart odors or flavors into soups or stocks. The best part is that they help with a mess-free cooking – no need for straining. The packets of soups socks come in sets of three and they are made in the USA.

What is your favorite soup? Many of our customers love making French onion soup with a soup crock. Soup Crocks are specially designed for baking, broiling, serving and enjoying French onion soup and other favorites. They are made from high-fired ceramic with scratch-free glaze, resists staining, odors and cracking, transitions beautifully from oven or broiler to the table. The crock is perfect for seafood bisque, chowder, chili, beef stew, individual pot pie, shepherds pie, baked mac and cheese, oatmeal, ice cream, pudding, and more.

Nothing says “I love you” more than a piping hot bowl of soup. Close your eyes and try to remember coming home on chilly evenings to the wonderful aroma of soup cooking on the stove. Whether you throw some favorite vegetables in a pot or spend an afternoon recreating your grandmother’s favorite recipe, welcome the season with a bowl of soup. Creating a delicious soup is quite easy. Begin with a simple homemade chicken broth and add in your favorite ingredients. Add fresh seasonal vegetables to the broth. Hearty soups paired with homemade breads create a wonderful winter meal and make the house smell inviting and delicious. 

If you would like to hear the John Soup song live then please stop by Compliments to the Chef, your Neighborhood Kitchen and Cutlery store located at 33 Railroad place and ask for my rendition. When my mother made her soup, she would sing “I Love you Truly” to us. This Valentines Day, sing to those you love while making those dishes that will create lifetime memories. Remember my foodie friends; “Life Happens in the Kitchen.”

 Take Care, John & PaulaREARDON French Onion Soup

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