Thursday, 30 March 2017 17:38

Praise for City Business Association


Congratulations to President-elect Maddy Zanetti and all of those Downtown Business Association (DBA) members who were elected or re-elected at the March 22 general membership meeting, to serve on the board of directors.

The success and vision for the DBA rests with these volunteer board members, who dedicate their time and talents to assure the viability and growth of our downtown.

I was not only taken by surprise but also overwhelmed by the special recognition I received from President Tim Holmes and the DBA Membership. I feel the success of the City Center and that of downtown has been closely interrelated, one directly supportive of the other.

It was not only my pleasure as Executive Director of the City Center, to work in concert with the DBA, but I am also honored to have served as DBA President for several terms. The gift basket I received is fantastic and is truly representative of all the wonderful shopping, dining and services within our unique and eclectic downtown.

Thank you again for the special recognition and the outstanding gift. I look forward to serving and continuing to support the growth and prosperity of our award winning downtown. 


Mark E. Baker

Saratoga Springs 

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