Thursday, 26 October 2017 17:00

On Behalf of Veterans

As we approach Veterans Day 2017, we should thank all veterans that went into the military to keep our country a free nation. These are people that put their life on the line, these men and women from all branches of the military did what they believed in—freedom, I guess that is what this is all about.

We have a special group of veterans that continue to serve their country long after they leave the military. These veterans are from all ages and all wars along with those that served in our country subject to anything they were told to do to protect America.

These dedicated men and women are called Honor Guards; they stay active and perform the military rites that honor our veterans in their time of need. Those rites are performed at all military cemeteries, and elsewhere as needed.

We thank you for your service to our fallen heroes. God bless our veterans and God bless America.

Sid Gordon

Saratoga Springs  

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