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Property Transactions: Feb. 22 - Feb. 28, 2020


Blue Barnes Rd., $7,500.
Carolyn and Richard Guyer III sold property to Kenneth and Lenore Balderson.

Blue Barnes Rd., $7,500.
Carolyn and Richard Guyer III sold property to Samuel and Jessica Miller.

Blue Barnes Rd., $7,500.
Carolyn and Richard Guyer III sold property to Michael Philip.

Blue Barnes Rd., $7,500.
Carolyn and Richard Guyer III sold property to Walter and Karolin Walsh.

506 Randall Rd., $400,000.
Matthew and Meredith Franze sold property to Michael and Katherine Quagliano.

37 Kasey Pass (Unit 37), $254,514.
Brookview Court Inc./Pigliavento Builders DBA sold property to Theresa Steepe.

13 Red Barn Dr., $425,035.
Barbera Homes Kelley Farms LLC sold property to Edward Giroux and Susan Tremmel.

930 Route 67, $123,800.
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development sold property to Equity Trust Company Custodian FBO Garth Brisco IRA.

62 Cypress St., $319,980.
Heritage Builders Group LLC sold property to Joellen Crawford.


9 Pine Hollow Dr., $150,000.
Garry Heflin sold property to Michael and Bridget Canary.


192 Tallow Wood Dr., $178,000.
David and Melanie Colpeland sold property to Wendy Darling.

582 Englemore Rd., $268,000.
Frank Panis sold property to Christine Panis.

30B Woodcliffe Dr., $205,000.
David Fribourg sold property to Tamani Wooley.

5 Yorkshire Terrace, $290,000.
John Caher (as Trustee) sold property to Courtney Myers and Joseph Wylie.

123 Westchester Dr., $168,000.
George and Carol Hildebrand sold property to Seung Yeop Kook and Juno Yunho Jung. 

43 Vista Court, $350,000.
Vistas West Development LLC sold property to Diane Drozinski. 

57 Sonat Rd., $330,000.
Edward Hartunian and Marilyn Keis Hartunian sold property to Bridgette and Poul Carstensen III. 

Rt 146 and Rt 146A rear, $15,000.
Country Club Acres Inc. sold property to Boni Builders Inc. 

2 Blue Spruce Lane, $343,000.
Diane Payne (by Agent) and Thoedore Chrimes III sold property to Steven and Lisa Ruscito.

8 West Sky Lane, $353,000.
Rebecca Dagati sold property to Mohammad and Saleheh Nouri.

20 Jamison Dr., $314,150.
John Altieri sold property to Paula Daigle Kouidri.

6 Equinox Court, $200,000.
Kenneth Buniak sold property to Scott and Andrea Buniak.


27 Hamilton Ave., $128,750.
John and Melody Burnham sold property to Cody Provanchie and Erika Nichols.

313 Palmer Ave., $80,000.
Rodney May (by Admin) sold property to Jean Hickey.

36 Chapman St., $65,000.
Runa Siddiqi sold property to REO Specialists LLC. 

36 Chapman St., $119,000.
REO Specialists LLC sold property to Marci Abraham.


2411 Cruthers Rd., $30,000.
Richard Hatala sold property to Monica Vanderhoof.


936 Locust Grove Dr., $53,500.
Jeffrey Collura sold property to Jon Greenwalt.

378 Greene Road Rear, $50,000.
Caren Carlson sold property to Socordia LLC.

23 Ericson Dr., $245,900.
Fannie Mae (by Atty) sold property to Michael Carpenter.

112 N. Milton Rd., $295,000.
David and Gina Karp sold property to Carles O’Neill III and Cassandra Garnsey.

487 Middle Grove Rd., $330,000.
Sommerset Real Estate Investment Corp. sold property to Laurence and Faith Deutsch.


92 Cemetery Rd., $283,000.
Patricia Paris sold property to Michael and Lynda Peckowitz.

12A Macoun Dr., $360,000.
Elizabeth Kuhn sold property to Melissa Morash (as Trustee). 

29 Vosburgh Rd., $100,000.
Riberdy Contracting Corp. sold property to Caruso Home Builders LLC.

41 Marcel Rd., $339,000.
Imad Merkhan sold property to James Crosby and Donna Markessinis.

10C Macoun Dr., $327,585.
Malta Land Company LLC sold property to Nazruba Islam.

42 Bent Grass Dr., $246,110.
Fairways of Halfmoon LLC sold property to Daniel DeCarlo.

34 Shelbourne Dr., $429,000.
Pamela Bannon (as Trustee) sold property to Brian and Michelle Campbell. 

31 Vosburgh Rd., $100,000.
Riberdy Contracting Corporation sold property to Caruso Home Builders LLC. 

13 Stuart Dr., $482,000.
Paul and Carlene Brucato sold property to Nicholas and Tamara Marziani.

62 Riley Cove Rd., $1,750,000.
Horst Boesch (as Trustee and Life Tenant) and Colette Boesch (as Trustee and Life Tenant) sold property to Joan Dash. 

2 Moreland Dr., $355,000.
Bharat Krishnan and Meera Mohan sold property to Marla Zuarino.


2125 Route 9, $140,603.
Keith Johnson (by Admin and Heir) and Sherry Gennett (as Heir) sold property to Federal National Mortgage Association. 

32 Candlewood Dr., $412,500.
Robert Bertholde sold property to Daniel McAuliffe.

2 Saratoga Ave., $170,000.
Allan Michelin (as Co-Trustee), Barbara Michelin (as Co-Trustee), Robert Van Duzee (as Co-Trustee and Life Estate) sold property to Stephen Jasinski and Elizabeth Brock. 

67 Wineberry Lane, $279,000.
Marjorie Carlito (by Agent) and Zachary Carlito (by Agent) sold property to Eric Miller.

11 Old Stonebreak Rd.
Saratoga Re Holdings LLC sold property to Eleven Stonebreak LLC. 

2629 Route 9, $315,000.
Gertrude Osten (by Exec) sold property to Avideh Tabrizi. 

2-4 Skipperhill Lane, $330,000.
Patrick and Stephanie Wade sold property to Patricia Mangino and Augusta Hayner.

20 Miller Rd., $282,000.
Denise and Michael Feulner sold property to Eric and Diane Selin.

1155 Laurel Lane, $222,500.
Mary Bauer sold property to Michael Whitcomb and Rebecca Crisorio. 

1 Foxglove Way, $465,000.
Kevin and Kathleen Yusko sold property to Gregory and Penny Sabolsky.


40 Huntington Way, $374,151.
Brookview Court Inc./Pigliavento Builders DBA sold property to Dan James.

723 Adams Circle, $240,000.
Steven Jones (by Admin) and Jennifer Jones (by Co-Admins) sold property to Robert and Krystin Mancini.

21 Wyndham Way, $449,000.
Lauren DeMarco and Elizabeth DeMarco sold property to Leanora Rocha (as Trustee).

54 Deer Run Dr., $185,000.
Gregory Dove (by Atty) and Lenna Dove (Ind and as Atty) sold property to Alyssa Lebrecque.

310 Meadowlark Dr., $257,000.
Glenn Schmidt sold property to Richard Faherty.


33 Pheasant Way, $180,000.
Steven and Ginny Gibbs sold property to Elizabeth and Jacob Bartholomew.

48 Harrison Ave., $137,800.
Echolee Burt sold property to Brian Whiting.

110 Butler Rd., $25,000.
Timber Lane Holdings LLC sold property to Foothills Builders LLC. 

110 Butler Rd., $290,650.
Foothills Builders LLC sold property to Rebecca Dimartino. 


18 Cramer Path, $255,500.
Brandon and Ashlee Schall sold property to Levi and Holly Kill. 

157 Wilton Gansevoort Rd., $40,000.
Federal National Mortgage Association (by Atty) sold property to McKenna Construction and Excavation LLC. 

674 West River Rd., $39,000.
Jurgis Paliulis sold property to Roderick Buckley.


267 Evans St., $199,900.
Two Hundred Sixty Seven Evans Street Land Trust and Flatrock Property Corporation (as Trustee) sold property to Amanda Proper and Ronald Brill II. 

107 & 107 A Green St., $50,000.
Christopher and Toni Lofgren sold property to James Coffin.

26 Lafayette St., $150,000.
Wilame Piteri sold property to Paul and Jana Price.


582 Lake Ave., $141,000.
Scott Carpenter sold property to Gary Narkiewicz. 

19 Andrews St., $235,000.
Susan Rosenberg sold property to Skinner Entities LLC. 

62 Van Dam St., $142,500.
AVSBCC LLC sold property to Vincent and Ellen Laterra. 

12 Dyer Switch Rd., $446,200.
Leslie Leonowens (as Trustee) sold property to Paul and Linda Church.


661 Route 9P, $55,000.
Intelligent Real Estate LLC sold property to Kaylah Kennedy.

13 Major Dickinson Ave., $214,900.
Buykeep LLC and Joseph Olbrych sold property to Cheyenne Sloan. 

918 Hudson Ave., $51,500.
Francesco Buononato (by Admin) and Frank Buononato (by Admin) sold property to Scott Ronda and Melanie Williams. 


4 New Kent Dr., $235,000.
Thomas Natoli sold property to Tracy Pagan.

57 Corinth Mountain Rd., $540,000.
Richard Sabayrac sold property to Mark Cebula and Margaret Zollo.

22 Dakota Dr., $305,000.
Robert Schneider sold property to John Burns.

61 Rolling Hills Dr., $335,000.
Michael and Lucia Cassia sold property to Robert and Melissa Joubert.

26 Old Deer Camp Rd., $282,500.
William and Patricia Arpey sold property to Debra Peterson.

2 Pine Knoll Dr., $302,500.
Debra Peterson sold property to Susan Vogel.

241, 245 Ballard Rd., $175,000.
Ronald Morehouse, Sr., Denise and Richard Woodcock, Jr. sold property to Frank Parillo.

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