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Property Transactions: October 23 - October 29, 2021

By Roohan Realty for Saratoga TODAY | Property Transactions
329 Burgoyne Rd, Saratoga Springs • $425,000 329 Burgoyne Rd, Saratoga Springs • $425,000


Thomas Van Schaick sold property at 120 Hollister Way to Eric Conklin for $440,000.

Andrew Brennan sold property at 20 Timber Creek Dr to Yuvaraja Tunganati for $560,000.

Todd Faubel sold property at 58 Church Ave to Eric Bishop for $202,000.

Eastline Holdings LLC sold property at 2 Timber Creek Stephen Cardinal for $477,580.

Eastline Holdings LLC sold property at 4 Basswood Kumar Bandarupalli for $457,003.

Barbara Homes Kelley Farms LLC sold property at 46 Kelley Farms Rd to Gregory Connors for $410,141.

Dimitri Martynyuk sold property at 32 Chesterwood Ct to BGRS LLC for $301,000


Jo Ann Grande sold property at Wedgewood Way to Fletcher Baltz for $120,000.

Daniel Christiano sold property at 749 Co Rt 24 to Anne Ives for $164,000.

Theodore Jordan sold property at 59 Cty Rt 10 to Andrew LeClair for $210,000

Heath Reynolds sold property at 160 Howe Rd to Paul Creeden for $125,000.


Michelle O’Reilly sold property at 4791 Sacandaga Rd to Siobhan Buskey for $240,000


Heath Reynolds sold property at 160 Howe Rd to Paul Creeden for $125,000.

Robert Major sold property at 340 Wilton Rd to Brian Homicvz for $269,000.


Benjamin Titus sold property at 21 Callaghan Blvd to Kenneth Campbell for $680,000.

Paul Todd sold property at 37 Miller Rd to John Schneidawin for $430,000.

Bridget Singh sold property at 48 Meadow Ruse Pl to Matthew Pinto for $322,500.

Christopher Tasse sold property at 8 Raspberry Dr to Michael Stagl for $335,000.


Patricia Mcevoy sold property at 319 Fitch Rd to Susan DePaula for $500,000.

Clarence Fosdick sold property at 329 Burgoyne Rd to James Pollaci for $425,000

Robert Lakritz sold property at 1348 NY Rt 9P to Dennis Broderick for $1,349,000.

Jason Rickson sold property at 34 B/C Spring St to Tyler Hayes for $190,000


Richard Ekert sold property at 39 White St to Ryan Hogan for $325,000

Claudia Guditus sold property at 12 Nelson Ave to Michael Gorham for $450,000

Joseph Lynch sold property at 33 Friar Tuck Way to Michael Sharp for $459,000.

Dennis Duarte sold property at 55 Phila St #201 to Joseph Richardson for $770,000.

Mark Tooker sold property at 9 Furlong St to Brad Bentley for $615,000.

Anthony Borelli sold property at 15 Lilac Lane to Andrew Boccio for $951,000.

Kathy Carbone sold property at 19 Tiffany Pl to Linda Puma for $415,000.

Kevin Connolly sold property at 116 Clinton St to Brian Conway for $347,000.

James Symon sold property at 88 Crescent St to G&S Saratoga 2 LLC for $249,000.

Linda Casse sold property at 132 Fifth Ave to Steven Meglio for $999,999.

49 State Street LLC sold property at 176 Clinton St to Michael Hogan for $437,500.

YWTB Company LLC sold property at 287 Jefferson St to Denise Donlon for $312,500.


Mark German sold property at 22 Wellington Dr to Robert Cordell for $570,000.

Deborah Ruemmler sold property at 34 Rolling Hill Dr to Zachray Hartmann for $332,930.

Jerry Johnson sold property at 49 Clair Pass to Susan Murphy for $480,000.

Brandon Downie sold property at 101 Traver Rd to Connor Krueger for $239,900.

Jonathan Roe sold property at 15 Nicklaus Dr to Emmanuel Balogun for $415,000.

Bradley Onishi sold property at 3 Briar Lane to William Amiteye for $560,000.

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Property Transactions

  • BALLSTON BDC Cornerstone LLC sold property at 55 Anthony Pl to Eugene Viti for $345,486. Traditional Home Builders and Developers sold property at 21 Mallory Way to Matthew Hall for $418,500. James Giannone sold property at 2 Miller Ct to James Margiotta for $506,500. Charles Russell sold property at 117 Charlton Rd to Michael Wizner for $325,000. Barbera Homes Kelley Farms sold property at 11 Stablegate Dr to Andrew Collar for $566,204. CORINTH David Kirchoff sold property at 222 Oak St to Bryan Eaton for $220,000. GALWAY Andrew Hathaway sold property at 9040 Nassell Dr to Rick Percoco for $250,000.…
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