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Property Transactions: November 20 - November 24, 2021

By Roohan Realty for Saratoga TODAY | Property Transactions
8 Hutchins St., Saratoga Springs • $429,000 8 Hutchins St., Saratoga Springs • $429,000


Eastline Holdings LLC sold property at 14 Timber Creek Dr to Bradley Gregg for $492,676.

Manoj Irala sold property at 11 Timber Creek Dr.to Kumar Padala for $535,000.

Charles Schewe sold property at 119 Ballston Ave to 838 Rentals LLC for $175,000.

Volney Larowe sold property at 3 Lakehill Dr to Michael Cyrus for $195,000.


Sean Homes Excavating LLC sold property at 504 main St.to Anthony Villano for $190,000.


Thomas Shippey sold property at 5999 Greens Corner Rd to Laura Mancini for $405,000


Valerie Bellon sold property at 70 Sand Hill Rd to Lauren Halligan for $150,000.

Peerless Grove LLC sold property at 540 Locust Grove Rd to Jeffrey Cannizzo for $500,000.

James Lambert sold property at 253 North Greenfield Rd to Karen Miller for $310,000.


Brandon Vedder sold property at 344 Eastline Rd to Dean Doin for $130,000.

MT Minogue Inc sold property at 2421 Rt 9 to Eagle Associates of Niagara Frontier Inc for $2,770,000.

Lindsey and Marion Chilson sold property at 22 Teaberry Pl to Henry Cabral for $350,000.

Abele Builders Inc sold property at 37 Cooper Ridge Dr to Abele Homes LLC for $115,000.

Abele Builders LLC sold property at 37 Cooper Ridge Dr to Marie Aufiero for $421,265.

Timothy Busch sold property at 49 Maiden Circle to Michael O’Brien for $555,000.

Farone Amedore LLC sold property at 43 Ordelia Lane to Michael Kelly for $354,555.

Adam Smisloff sold property at 156 Thimbleberry Rd to Edward Futterer for $255,000

Todd Boice sold property at 223 Thimbleberry Rd to Dylan Gove for $200,000.


Karen Bellhouse sold property at 1340 NYS Rt 9P to Claude Eldaye for $860,000.

Mary Lee Fassett sold property at 110 Brown Point Lane to Erik Johanson for $400,000


Michael Zehler sold property at 50 Waterbury St to Bruce Johnson for $415,000

Bonacio Construction Inc sold property at 113 Madison St to Robert Claydon for $250,000

Kaydeross Partners 2013 LLC sold property at 2 Ohonte Dr to Cavallo LLC for $210,000.

Terrill Brown sold property at 6 Stony Brook Dr to R S Realty Holdings for $1,500,000

Andrew Rettew sold property at 29 Lakewood Dr to Dean Williams for $530,000.

45 Glen Cove Scott LLC sold property at 1 Spring ST #306 to Mark O’Keefe for $275,000.

MT Minogue Inc sold property at 16 West Ave to Eagle Associates of Niagara Frontier Inc for $2,210,000.

Excelsior Park LLC sold property at 4 Whistler Ct to Michael Galluscio for $457,087.

Marie Hoenings sold property at 5 Sundance Dr to Roy Kline for $555,000.

Lorraine Prunier sold property at 7 David Lane to Matthew Gorfein for $367,900.

Spencers Landing LLC sold property at 20 Arrowhead Rd to Evelyn Valentin for $840,316.

Katherine Raymond sold property at 424 Grand Ave to Leigh Morgan for $379,000.

Ellsworth Square LLC sold property at 106B Division St to 106B Division St LLC for $1,097,700.

Joseph Calvanese sold property at 8 Van Dorn St to Caroline Welles for $550,000.

Michael Lewis sold property at 13 Summerfield Lane to Brian Mumford for $750,000.

Mark Holowach sold property at 268 Broadway to Joseph Abed for $765,000.


MT Minogue Inc sold property at 624 Route 9 to Eagle Associates of Niagara Frontier Inc for $1,440,000.

David Aronson sold property at 19 Berkeley Way to Terrill Brown for $619,000.

Daniel Frazier sold property at 8 Connors Way to Pegg Beeche for $925,000.

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Property Transactions

  • BALLSTON BDC Cornerstone LLC sold property at 55 Anthony Pl to Eugene Viti for $345,486. Traditional Home Builders and Developers sold property at 21 Mallory Way to Matthew Hall for $418,500. James Giannone sold property at 2 Miller Ct to James Margiotta for $506,500. Charles Russell sold property at 117 Charlton Rd to Michael Wizner for $325,000. Barbera Homes Kelley Farms sold property at 11 Stablegate Dr to Andrew Collar for $566,204. CORINTH David Kirchoff sold property at 222 Oak St to Bryan Eaton for $220,000. GALWAY Andrew Hathaway sold property at 9040 Nassell Dr to Rick Percoco for $250,000.…
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