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Property Transactions 3.1.19


930 Route 67, $145,000.
Michael McVey (by Ref) sold property to Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC. 

Lazur Road, $135,000.
Richard Hahl sold property to Charles Craft and Jeven Chiera.

43 Cypress St., $454,500.
Heritage Builders Group LLC sold property to Long Nguyen.

Goode St., $110,000.
Christian Carpico sold property to David and Hanna King.

35 McMaster St., $198,000.
64 Ludlow Street LLC sold property to James Labounty. 


3 Thyme Circle, $387,000.
Brian Tandlmayer and Denise Assalian sold property to Matteo Bellucci and Anna Laursen. 

13 Locust Lane, $214,000.
Janet Hurley sold property to Kevin and Megan Facteau.

96 Avenue of the Oaks, $485,500.
Michael Feher and Gay Burns sold property to Jean and Valerie Plamondon. 

796 Grooms Rd., $430,000.
Jeffrey Sullivan and Margot Pauloick sold property to Gary and Leah Russinko.

45 Blue Spruce Lane, $325,000.
Brian Smith sold property to Douglas and Taylor Weinheimer. 

39 St. Andrews Dr., $266,000.
William and Diane Patmos sold property to Stefanie Fresenius and Jared Berggren. 

50 English Rd., $315,000.
Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (by Atty) sold property to Richard and Karen Medick.

5 Eagles Glen, $345,000.
Qin Zhong and Jian Gao sold property to Sirva Relocation Credit LLC.

5 Eagles Glen, $345,000.
Sirva Relocation Credit LLC sold property to John and Samantha Jackson.

46 Tallow Wood Dr., $123,500.
Mildred LaValle sold property to Christopher Herbert.

10 Bridlewood Loop, $672,500.
Regatta View LLC (Bridlewood Ridge DBA) sold property to Brad and Barbara Arisohn.


36 Chapman St., $14,000.
CR 2018 LLC  sold property to Runa Siddiqi.


4873 Jockey St., $275,000.
Christopher and Susan Cole sold property to
Cyle Haggerty. 

5479 Parkis Mills Rd., $299,000.
John Delvecchio sold property to Svetlana Albanese and Joseph Calderone. 


151 Plank Rd., $145,000.
Thomas Santucci (as Trustee) sold property to Toby and Kristi Middlebrook. 

43 Greene Rd., $65,000.
David and Stacy Akaka sold property to Jeremy Pollard and Susan Carmean. 

65 Pepper Lane, $343,500.
William Willig (by Co-Execs) sold property to Glenda Shoulette. 

122 Middle Grove Rd., $490,000.
LPC Properties LLC sold property to Jared and Carrie Ambrosino. 

159 Young Rd., $90,000.
Linda and Thomas Chimera sold property to Lucas and Samantha Eichorst. 

4350 NYS Route 9N, $111,500.
Ellen Higgins sold property to Christine Lescault and Preston Deloriea.


46 Bayberry Dr., $218,000.
Jeremy Fernet (by Ref), Gary Richards (by Ref) and Joanne Richards (by Ref) sold property to HSBC Bank USA.

5 Linden Park Dr., $390,000.
Michaels Group Homes LLC sold property to Richard and Lalana Siergiej. 

812 Hudson River Rd., $150,000.
Diane Donovan, Donna Forino, Darlene McKeever, Daniel Patregnani, Jr. and Donald Patregnani sold property to Richard Bartis.

5 Anna Lane, $329,000.
Sen Nguon Ting and Phoebe Mei Wong sold property to Shimith Jayanand Pritha Ghosal. 

11 Linden Park Dr., $488,500.
United Residential Group LLC sold property to Michael and Carleen Ostrowski. 

19 Merry Hill Lane, $92,500.
Jennifer Bowen sold property to Daniel Benedict.


19 Glade Mallow Rd., $275,000.
Kaleigh Galusha sold property to Teresa Messina Brisbin.

98 Woodfield Blvd., $357,500.
Michaels Group Homes LLC sold property to Michael and Melissa Pandillo.

20 Essex St., $302,500.
Barbera Homes Malta Springs LLC sold property to Michael Ettinger (as Trustee). 

32 Glade Mallow Rd., $282,500.
Patrick Johnson sold property to Alex Wilke. 

91 Meadow Rue Place, $288,000.
Cara and Nicholas Maryanopolis sold property to Michael Hill. 

128-132 Dunning St., $800,000.
128 Dunning St. LLC sold property to D and V Holdings Malta LLC. 

15 North Ridge, $170,000.
Lambros Adamis and Christina and Dawn Cropco sold property to D and L Enterprises. 


5 Ford St., $187,000.
328 Milton LLC sold property to Julian Becker and Avrie Cowles. 

109 Finley Rd., $20,000.
Kimberly Truett (by Exec) sold property to Larry Conradsen. 

30 Fawn Dr., $209,000.
Craig and Erin Murray sold property to Nicholas Brdar.

21 Court St., $235,000.
Amelia Rice (by Exec) sold property to Amelia Bauer. 

41 Liberty Dr., $315,000.
Timothy and Sara Fryer sold property to Daryl Haberneck.


52 Jackson Ave., $167,500.
Geoff Holmquist sold property to Kevin and Kelly Coon.

9 Bluebird Rd., $243,500.
Cory and Bridget DeMarco (by Ref) sold property to Carisbrook Asset Holding Trust. 

6 Sage Lane, $322,000.
Jeffrey and Suzanne Anselment sold property to Jeremy and Kelly Powers.

43 Michael Rd., $210,000.
Linda Huguley and Jeffrey Lawrence sold property to Frederick and Kimberly Fisk.

1384 Route 9, $226,000.
Ernest Doin (by Exec) sold property to ACE Homes Inc. 

122 Karen Lane, Rockwood
and Amy Symonds (by Ref) sold property to US Bank Trust (as Trustee).

1 Moreau Dr., $116,500.
Elizabeth Vanscoy (by Agent) sold property to Brandon Manney.


20 Brampton Lane, $315,000.
Shane Mullen sold property to Michael Gage and Julianne Edwards.


13 Thomas St., $400,000.
Maya Valentin sold property to PCA Associates LLC.

49 Sherwood Trail, $365,000.
William Gavitt sold property to Matthew Walsh and Erica Ferri. 

115 Walnut St., $595,000.
Matthew and Jennifer Rhodes sold property to Gregg Smith.

43 Railroad Alley, $480,000.
Roberta Lucas sold property to Dona Winnowski.

46 Union Ave., Unit 202, $660,000.
Moore Hall LLC sold property to Shaun and Patricia Seymour.

280 Lake Ave., $370,000.
Adrienne Caruso sold property to Scott Wasula. 

3 Spa Circle, $137,500.
Wilmington Savings Fund Society (as Trustee, by Atty) sold property to R and H Properties LLC. 

15 Eureka Ave., $365,000.
Walter Doyle (by Admin) sold property to Mary Doyle. 

70 Hathorn Blvd., $230,000.
James and Lorraine Sorrell sold property to Linxi Zheng and Juying Dong.

40 Lefferts St., $805,000.
Ryan and Sonja McFadden sold property to Susan Neilson (as Trustee).

5 Furlong St., $390,000.
Paul and Leslie Markes sold property to Eric Kennedy.

362 Lake Ave., $285,000.
Barbara Smaldone sold property to Jenna and Andrew Dumart.


1022 Hudson Ave., $191,000.
Tyler Dumas sold property to Richard Shoaff. 

2A Gurba Dr., $285,000.
Katrina Koren sold property to Matthew and Mary Wrobel. 

Lot 2 Munger Hill Rd., $50,000.
Robert Gronczniak sold property to Adam Krug.


17 Mercer St., $96,500.
Wells Fargo Bank sold property to Rehab A Home LLC.

17 Mercer St., $106,000.
Rehab A Home LLC sold property to Nathan Mailly.

33 Gadwall Dr., $327,000.
David and Megan Robertson sold property to Kristen and Christopher Church. 

2 Short Six St., $93,000.
Brenda Fribourg sold property to Andrea Coulter.

100 Vanderweken Ave., $140,000.
Justin and Kathleen Smith sold property to Fnu Ehsanullah. 


16 Nicklaus Dr., $351,500.
Jennifer and Peter Usack (by Ref) sold property to US Bank National Association (as Trustee). 

16 Sydney Hill Rd., $765,000.
Matthew Masterson sold property to Kara and Hiram Pritchard. 

31 Santee Dr., $375,000.
Erik and Jennifer Nichols sold property to Kathleen Huestis.

3017 Route 50, $1,500,000.
Joel and Lawrence Aronson sold property to Adirondack Trust Company. 

54 Fieldstone Dr., $443,000.
Robert Munro (by Ref) sold property to US Bank National Association (as Trustee). 

20 Glenburnie Dr., $379,000.
Lucas Kasper sold property to Bradley and Amanda Kriss. 

134 Louden Rd., $250,000.
Hudson Highlands LLC sold property to Kyle Lagrave.

3 Cider Mill Way, $505,000.
Dustin and Stacy Ernst sold property to National Transfer Services LLC. 

3 Cider Mill Way, $505,000.
National Transfer Services sold property to Terry and Lydia Creydt.

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Property Transactions

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