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Property Transactions for April 2013

By Staff Report | Home & Garden


2 Palmer Ave., $250,000. Liberty Lake LLC sold property to Dennis Powell.

15 Carriage Run, $508,835. Old Westwind Farm LLC sold property to Michele Vanosterlitz and John DePaola.

10 Meadowbrook Ct., $459,975. Thomas Building and Development Company sold property to Jungsoo and April Park. 

0 MacCrea Hill Rd., $200,000. SSP Development Corporation sold property to 237 Albany Street Investments LLC.

6 Euclid Ave., $35,000. Tremont Mould sold property to LPC Properties LLC.

117 Eastern Ave., $180,000. Robert and Linda Miskanin sold property to  Michael and Jacquelyn Jaeger. 

9 Lancaster Ct., $361,464. Traditional Builders, LTD. sold property to  Curt and Dee Ann Gosda.

1 Morningkill Dr., $190,000. Glenn and Gloria Martin sold property to Christopher Ludke.

10 Lake Rd., $25,000. Desiree Kelleigh sold property to Donald Fabini.

175 Lake Rd. $375,000. Good Times Lakeview Inn, Inc. sold property to Donald Fabini. 

357 Hop City Rd., $193,000. David and Alayne Curtiss sold property to Lance and Kristen Evans.

933 Route 50, $132,500. Richard Lamanna sold property to Donny Dudley Tennis Foundation, Inc. 

94 McMaster St., $253,000. Ian and Patricia Law sold property to Richard and Barbara Kerker.

36 Sycamore St., $330,212. Heritage Builders Group, LLC sold property to Douglas and Susan Deluke. 

38 Lawmar Lane, $260,000. Rose Petrak sold property to Bruce and Kathleen Winslow.

30 Knottingley Place, $368,000. Megan Sim sold property to William and Sarah Warman. 



137 Raylinsky Rd. $125,000. Bobbie Schliecker sold property to JAT Realty Corp.

37 Avendale Dr. $321,000. Phillip and Catherine Terry sold property to Laura Hanna.

5062 Nelson Ave. $130,000. Stanley and Carole Devore sold property to Robert and Jessica Newson. 

59 Snowberry Rd. $137,500. Dolores Corrigan sold property to Joel Treacy. 

28 Evans Rd. Lot 6, $251,500. Michaels Group, LLC sold property to Julie Michaels-Keegan.

20 Plum Poppy South, $222,000. Adam McCool sold property to Lindsey Haraden.

Route 9P, $1,225,000. Brooks Teele sold property to Malta Land Company, LLC.

36 Avendale Dr., $333,000. Erica Buckley-Dupree sold property to Justin and Mariya Howes. 

16 Willis Way, $425,000. David and Shannon Dunster sold property to Joseph Caruso.

9 Glade Mallow Rd., $205,000. Donald Johnson, Jr. (by exec) sold property to Steven and Margaret Gregory.

2129 Rowley Rd. $268,000. Thomas and Valerie Bradbury sold property to Tracey Gridley and Jean Pierre LaReau. 

42 Bayberry Dr., $335,000. Christopher and Jacquelyn Kowalczyk sold property to Travis and Jody Carter.

34 Wake Robin Rd. $155,000. Damian and Patricia Antonelli sold property to Margaret Boyle.

5 Hearthwood Dr. $181,000. Mart Rusmandel (by exec) sold property to Darek and Monica Kaczmarski. 


Saratoga Springs

29 Lakewood Dr., $325,000. Norman and Alicia Silver sold property to William Folch and Wendy Nicoson.

19 Outlook Ave., $381,403. KRDD One LLC / DeGraff Bloom Custom Builders LLC sold property to Robert Webster.

7 Loughberry Rd., $252,000. Frank Isele sold property to Jeffrey and Vanessa Redfield.

149 Spring St., $417,000. Susan Devine sold property to Jamie Bray and Owen Grant.

15 Jumel Place, $422,000. Paul Cabral and Jenna Rotheim sold property to David and Lynn Cho.

33 Trottingham Rd., $201,000. Barbara Harrison sold property to Michael and Chelsea Bolles. 

13 Worth St., $106,301. Wells Fargo Bank (as trustee) sold property to City of Saratoga Springs.

Arrowhead Rd. $65,000. David Scripter and Susan Butler sold property to Schuyler LLC.

129 Lincoln Ave., $251,450. Margaret, George, Joseph and Thomas Berrigan and Nancy Reap sold property to Erik Smith and Lisa Fitts.

27 Granite St., $200,000. ANW Holdings, Inc. sold property to Bahram Keramati and Ruth Levinson.

5 Iris Dr., $835,000. Lance Orcutt  sold property to  Jeremy and Jennifer Eager.

176 Spring St., $526,000. Phyllis Roth (by exec) sold property to Gary and Jo Young.

23 Evergreen Dr., $440,000. Thomas and Nancy Magner sold property to Gregory and Janice Vurckio.

21 Benton Dr., $450,000. Christian and Amanda Mohr sold property to Richard and Pamela Farrell. 

1 Birch Run Dr., $308,800. Robert Ingmire (by exec) sold property to David and Pamela Bruno.

14 Larkspur Dr., $350,000. Samara Anderson sold property to Robert Hanks and Elizabeth Godsil. 

4 Tommy Luther Dr., $340,000. George and Elizabeth Golden sold property to Werner Juengling.

328 Ballston Ave. Unit 5, $255,000. Patrick Biancone sold property to Lois Radke and Norbert Hanus.

1 Brookview Terrace, $370,000. Jeffrey and Theresa Wagner sold property to Scott Ahlschwede. 

153 Regent St., $1,100,000. Alrone, LLC sold property to Regent Springs, LLC.

10 Oakwood Blvd., $680,000. John and Patricia Cook sold property to Frederic Elbert and Sherry Murphy. 

83 Railroad Place, Unit 101, $1,300,000. Overland Saratoga Springs, LLC sold property to Eighty Three 85 Railroad Place, LLC. 

125 Union Ave. Unit C202, $140,000. Donna Brent and Cynthia Guile sold property to Mark Loreno.

6 Mokasha Square, $310,426. Laguna Homes, Inc. sold property to Dennis and Lindsay Kosyjana. 

87 Railroad Place, #402, $685,000. William and Mary Becker sold property to D. Lee and Sharyn Miller. 

143 Jackson St., $590,000. James Doyle sold property to Zachary Passaretti. 

6 Ericson Way, $494,050. Charlew Builders, Inc. sold property to Dun Ming and Mei Zheng.

24 Northway Court, $187,500. Barbara Cudney sold property to James Carpenter.

31 Central Ave., $110,000. KRDD One, LLC sold property to DeGraff Bloom Custom Builders, Inc. 

31 Central Ave., $389,900. DeGraff Bloom Custom Builders, Inc. sold property to Lee Hayward and Barbara Garbin. 

15 Holly Dr., $157,000. Matthew and Richard Melle sold property to David and Margo Becker.



67 Corinth Mountain Rd., $150,000. Evelyn and Richard Wells sold property to Anjana  Poonthota.

17 Lonesome Pine Trail, $212,000. Nicole Seidel sold property to Brandon Salls. 

7 Primrose Circle, $863,773. Floral Estates, LLC sold property to Ryan and Danielle Daly.

276 Dimmick Rd., $303,000. Francis and Deborah Mihaly sold property to Fawn Hollow Development Association, Inc. 

274 Dimmick Rd., $305,000. Francis and Deborah Mihaly sold property to Fawn Hollow Development Association, Inc. 

Dimmick Rd., $36,500. Francis and Deborah Mihaly sold property to Fawn Hollow Development Association, Inc. 

Dimmick Rd., $5,500. Francis and Deborah Mihaly sold property to Fawn Hollow Development Association, Inc. 

22 Whispering Pines, $139,500. Colleen Murray sold property to Catherine Pugliani. 

56 Sheffield Rd., $368,484. Neil and Carey Higgins sold property to Brookfield Global Relocations Services, LLC.

256 Wilton Gansevoort Rd., $265,000. Ellen Schnorr sold property to James and Mariann Zieglar. 

11 Norland Ct., $259,000. Jeffrey and Susan Gutowski sold property to Joshua and Ashley Gaul.

24 Ballard Rd., $245,000. Thomas and April Brunschmid sold property to James and Kelly Miller. 

6 Tom Sawyer Dr., $50,000. William and Judy Morris sold property to McPadden Builders, LLC. 

6 Tom Sawyer Dr., $229,900. McPadden Builders, LLC. sold property to Colleen Murray. 

24 Timbira Dr., $285,000. Thomas Sanford sold property to David and Stephanie McCarthy.

150 Ingersol Rd., $65,000. Harvey Nutter (by agent) sold property to George and Gertrude Pravda.

11 Lena Ct., $287,225. Tra Tom Development, Inc. sold property to Raymond and Elizabeth Fogarty.

12 Timbira Dr. $279,900. Bruce Burroughs sold property to Gary Howard. 

35 Highgate Rd., $210,000. William Stevens sold property to Jessica Camden and Matthew Melle. 

18 Thunder Run, $270,000. Ryan and Jodie McGough sold property to Thomas and Eileen Ellis. 

23 Links Rd., $327,000. Scott and Marianne Durdle sold property to Jonathan and Dayna Kinsey. 

10 Lenca Ct., $314,176. Tra Tom Development, Inc. sold property to Jeffrey Edlund and Gretchen Stalnecker. 

32 Nicklaus Dr., $200,000. Marcia Chastanet sold property to Michael and Jean Mango. 

63 Fieldstone Dr., $300,000. Jamie Johonson sold property to Christopher Boggs. 

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