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Property Transactions

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BALLSTON SPA 92 Connolly Rd., $155,000. Harold and Anne Delamater and Alfred Windheim (by Exec) sold property to Michael and Susan Palma. 1007 Route 50, $132,000. Rodney Girard sold property to Leif and Heidi Backus. 27 Sycamore St., $319,152. Heritage Builders Group LLC sold property to Jason and Gina Buswsell. 4 Gartner Dr., $245,500. Kevin and Emma Callahan sold property to Jayson Cote. 6 Euclid Ave., $292,000. LPC Properties LLC sold property to Sean Devine. 1 Matchwood Lane, $300,488. Heritage Builders Group LLC sold property to Timothy and Pamela Phillippe. 435 Garrett Rd., $200,000. Kenneth L. Legere and Mary Jane Curtis sold property to Vincent, Nancy and Stephanie Monaco. 26 Forestbrook Dr., $329,710. Heritage Builders Group LLC sold property to Diana and Gerald Stulc. 145 Ballston Ave., $139,000. Karen Stefanic sold property to Joseph Pultorak. 3 Matchwood Lane, $280,585. Heritage Builders Group LLC sold property to Jamie and Susan Casline. 8 Rothbury Place, $495,000. Brian Strohl and Kimberly Salerno sold property to Gregory and Luz Dickman. MALTA 274 Thimbleberry Rd., $140,000. Karen Knapp sold property to Jean Tanis. 326 Brownell Rd., $195,000. Patrick and Fulani Williams sold property to National Transfer Services LLC and WHR Group Inc. (by Nominee). 326 Brownell Rd., $190,700. National Transfer Services LLC and WHR Group Inc. (by Nominee) sold property to Brandon Hunsdon. 32 Lupine Dr., $235,000. David Cassidy sold property to Nancy Burke. 9 Curry Ave., $87,000. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development sold property to Jonathan Feerer. 47 Meadow Rue Place, $255,400. Daniel and Barbara Lookretis sold property to James Trian. 162 Thimbleberry Rd., $175,000. Rebecca and David Bellard sold property to Sarah Schellinger. 5 Basswood Ct., $302,000. Joseph and Khalen Gloeckner sold property to Michael and Brooke Trotta. 5 Thimbleberry Rd., $132,000. Kathleen Conrad sold property to Brandon Craig. 3 Thimbleberry Rd., $167,525. Keith and Michele Phillips sold property to Arthur and Lynn Hoffman. 5 Ames Ave., $183,000. Rick and Ken Shannep sold property to Anthony Elam. Lot 81 Coronado Way, $345,165. John Luke Development Co. LLC sold property to David and Anne Miers. 10 Prospect Ave., $124,000. Keith Moran sold property to Kerianne Marin and Brian Brader. 1 Summot Park, $232,000. Dhiraj and Lopa Darjee sold property to John and Patricia Murphy. 197 Malta Ave. Ext. $248,100. Eloise Parker sold property to Audrey Taylor. SARATOGA SPRINGS 21 Lexington Rd., $334,000. Peter and Tara Sanchez sold property to Shay Yasharzade. 97 Lawrence St., $220,000. Phyllis Arden Cook (Ind and as Trustee) sold property to Benjamin and Heather McGuire. 9 Sultana St. Rear, $395,000. Edward and Rachel Petrou sold property to Edward and Ina Stanco. 55 Birch St., $380,000. George O’Donnell sold property to Jeanne Whiteside. 10 Woodland Court, $187,000. Heather Franke, Sean and Hillary MacFarland sold property to Darcy Shontz. 227 Grand Ave., $475,000. Linda Kraus sold property to Eric Ucci and Christina Carton. 133 Jefferson St., $240,000. Dennis Dalton sold property to Laura and Glen Zampino. 38 High Rock Ave., Unit 4D, $969,061. High Rock Condominiums LLC sold property to Thomas and Julie Furey. 238 Grand Ave., $416,332. McPadden Builders LLC sold property to Shawn and Bryna May. 6 Regatta View Dr., $400,000. Vincent and Janet Jameson sold property to Peter and Tara Sanchez. 40 Trottingham Rd., $198,500. Michael and Kathleen Olszewski sold property to Joseph Capobianco and Melissa Buyce. 32 Waterbury St., $600,000. Hugh Dunseath sold property to Patrick and Judy Donovan. 283 Jefferson St., $97,500. Edward Hausman (by Exec) sold property to William and Deborah Usas. 11 Park Alley North $949,000. Lenise Dolen sold property to Peter and Colleen Dorsman. 25 Cassidy Dr., $320,000. Sean Lander sold property to Steven and Marsha Dolinsky. 37 Clark St., Unit 4, Ronald Smith sold property to Alexander Michaels. 287 Jefferson St., Unit 7 Rear, $277,250. Anthony Pazmino sold property to Michael York. 155 Ash St., $455,000. Carl and Dawn Spain sold property to National Transfer Services LLC. 155 Ash St., $469,906. National Transfer Service LLC sold property to Semir and Mahira Tanovic. 61 Newton Ave., $530,500. Gadus and Sons Enterprises LLC sold property to Merlyn and Anita Sampels Revocable Trust. 17 Friar Tuck Way, $232,000. Craig and Sharon Morris sold property to Christopher and Margaret Noel. 43 Jaipur Lane, $200,000. Ralph Kelton sold property to Richard Morrow. 217 Washington St., $254,500. Larry Ogden sold property to Jennifer Krygowski. 31 Spa Dr., $154,900. Catina Mouchlis sold property to Garofalo Family Trust. 30 Whistler Court, Unit 414, $415,000. Stephen and Bette Klopacz sold property to Richard White. 242 Grand Ave., $425,949. McPadden Builders LLC, Takahashi Nobuyuki. 75 Railroad Place Rear, $310,000. GC Strategies LLC sold property to Saratoga Springs Property MGT LLC. 8 Glenwood Dr., $186,000. James Stodgell, Lynne Grogan (Co-Trustees) sold property to Dennis and Lauren Polvere. 8 McAllister Dr., $235,000. Janet Bennett, Diane Lang, Cecelia Hughes Life Estate and Earl Huges Life Estate sold property to Ann Marie Patricia. 43 Waterview Dr., $353,000. Deborah Gradener (Ind. And as Atty) and Herbert Gradner (by Atty) sold property to Keith and Rita Lashway. 123 Van Dam St. $235,000. Richard and Jeanette Robischon sold property to Scott Averill and Mary O’Donnell (Co-Trustees). 10 Central Ave., $384,376. DeGraff Bloom Custom Builders sold property to Matthew and Frieda Miller. 5 VanDorn St., $243,174. Kimberly Hamby sold property to Zachary Novick. 35 Vermont St., $240,000. Tara Clark sold property to Zachary Manz. 97 Division St., $279,500. TG Real Estate Investments LLC sold property to Rachel Biggar. 95 Catherine St., $235,000. Jeffrey and Sandra Cross sold property to Sandra David Williams. 63 Belmont Lane, $180,000. Karin Hardy (as Trustee) sold property to Richard Harrington. 7 Dublin Square Lane, $262,000. Michael Selkis sold property to Charles Bentley and Colleen Morgan. 38 High Rock Ave., Unit 3A., $714,554. High Rock Condominiums LLC sold property to Andrew Zastrow. South Broadway, $2,310,000. Saratoga Prime Properties LLC sold property to Turf Saratoga South LLC. 54 Phila St., Unit 302, $782,000. 54 Phila Street Development Co. LLC sold property to David and Jennifer Woodward. 15 Church St., $375,000. Thomas Burke sold property to 15 Church Street of Saratoga LLC. 48 Eureka Ave., $195,000. Excelsior Park LLC sold property to Bruce Coffin. 104 Brook Road, $365,000. Matthew Yonkin and Rachel Alderman sold property to Beverly Tracy and Christopher Ermides. 26 Friar Tuck Way, $285,000. Jonathan Hakim and Elizabeth Leyden sold property to Damian and Jennifer Redman. WILTON 98 Cobbler Hill Dr., $368,000. Jeffrey and Terri Taylor sold property to National Transfer Services LLC. 98 Cobbler Hill Dr., $368,000. National Transfer Services LLC sold property to Paul and Barbara Wersten. 4265 Rt. 50, $247,900. Luther Waldron sold property to Jeffrey and Jamie Pietrosanto. 845 Route 9, $50,000. Frederick and Nikki Bollman sold property to Yi Wang. 39 Tom Sawyer Dr., $50,000. William and Judy Morris sold property to McPadden Builders LLC. 39 Tom Sawyer Dr., $237,000. McPadden Builders LLC sold property to Daniel and Emily O’Connor. 25 Knollwood Dr., $235,000. Paul Keller (by Exec) sold property to Steven and Deborah Seguin. 17 Waverly Place, $370,669. Tra Tom Development Inc. sold property to Ryan Smalley and Laura Carroll. 2 Dakota Dr., $235,000. James and Maureen Taylor (by Ref) sold property to Federal Home Loan Mortgage. 31 Burnham Rd., $334,900. North Manor Development LLC sold property to Neil and Sally Hodgeson. 167 Traver Rd., $377,326. Mary Hollner sold property to Federal National Mortgage Association. 17 Timbira Dr., $359,000. Nicholas and Kim Volpe sold property to RAC Closing Services LLC. 17 Timbira Dr., $359,000. RAC Closing Services LLC sold property to Kyle and Amanda Parkes. 654 Route 9, $1,500,000. Cannone Ventures Inc. sold property to Eclipse Rentals LLC. 22 Sweetbriar, $420,325. Charles Mutti (by Exec) sold property to Daryl and Lisa Glass. 56 Gailor Rd., $215,000. Richard Lindstead sold property to Altamont Park Apts. Inc. 5 Ryanwood Ct. $222,000. John and Sandra Natale sold property to Dylan and Tara Clark. 8 Plum Ct., $282,000. Kevin and Kelly Keefe sold property to William McMordie. 2 Plum Ct., $300,000. Paul and Barbara Westen sold property to John Pecora.
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Property Transactions

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