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Grab ‘N Go Thanksgiving

By Megin Potter | Your Home

Finally, a few days off work but you’re dreading spending them in the kitchen? Didn’t make a reservation to go out for Thanksgiving dinner but still want to partake? The answer for your dinner dilemma is to grab ‘n go. 

It’s our Secret

Order in advance, pick it up by the pound at their buffet, or pull a pie from off the counter, they won’t tell- and your guests won’t be able to either.

“Everything here is made from scratch; the soups, cranberry relish, stuffing, gravy – it’s the real deal. Nobody will know we made it, it’ll be our secret,” said Cathy Hamilton, owner of Putnam Market, at 435 Broadway, in Saratoga Springs. 

Classic complete Thanksgiving meals are available to order per person, all you have to do is heat and serve.

Finish off dinner with an out-of-this world celestial chocolate torte, an incredible apple pie and some beautiful cheeses. 

O.K., Start with the Cheese

“The cheese makes a pretty picture,” said Hamilton. Served with some fruit, bread, and crackers, it’s the appetizer everybody loves. Order Putnam’s specialty cheese platter, or create one of your own. 

“Our experience with Thanksgiving is about tradition and family favorites. It’s also about people with a spectrum of tastes,” she said.

Pop a bite of a Quebec cheddar aged for seven years, or a mild creamy brie like the St. Stephen from Four Fat Fowl in Stephentown.

“It’s just this incredible mouth bomb of rich flavor – there’s not anyone who wouldn’t like this,” said Hamilton.

Her personal favorite, however, is the Kunik from Nettle Meadow, a tangy goat cheese mixed with a bit of cow cream.

“It’s just delicious,” she said.

Wind it Up with Wine

For every $30 you spend on Putnam’s Thanksgiving pre-order menu, you’ll get $3 off wine. 

“You should get the wine that people like,” advises William Hamilton, Wine Director for Putnam Market. 

Not sure what that might be? Go with a Reisling or a Zinfandel, he says. 

A Grenache or rosé wine is also a good pairing with traditional Thanksgiving fare, said Bill Schwinghammer, Putnam’s wine consultant for nearly 15 years. 

“Wine comes in a spectrum, so there’s some for every season.  Now, it’s something heavy and warm, because it’s more comforting,” he said. 

Still not sure? Grab Underwood wine by the can, stick in a straw, and be done with it, said William.

Bring on the Beer

By the can or the bottle, good organic hard apple and pear ciders are gluten-free and are full of fall flav-or. 

Find them, and a nice selection of craft beers, many of which are locally brewed, on the store shelves of Four Seasons Natural Foods, at 120 Henry Street in Saratoga Springs. 

“We’re pretty well loaded around the holidays. If you like beer, it’s a good time to be alive,” said Michael Okon, Four Seasons buyer for 15 years.

Because so many people have dietary restrictions, allergies, and sensitivities, the food-centered holidays can bring with them a sense of apprehension. 

“It’s the feast day among feast days. How do you do it (and appreciate it) without the hangover?” asks (and answers) Four Seasons owner Rich Frank.

Alternative Answers

If you’re looking for some non-alcoholic refreshments, Four Seasons has raw, organic, sparkling kombucha on tap, and in the refrigerator case, carries a variety of dairy-free milks and eggnog. Good quality coffees, such as Lucy Jo’s coffee, roasted in Salem, and a large selection of high quality Celebration Herbals teas delight the taste buds.

More and more vegetarian, vegan, and raw alternatives are making clean eating, even during the holidays, easier than ever. 

“Instead of traditional super-processed foods, it’s less refined, nutrient dense, nutrient-rich food,” said Frank. 

Whether you’re grabbing a raw chocolate bar made by Saratoga Chocolate Co., a bag of cranberries, or a bunch of cauliflower, you can be sure that it meets Four Seasons uncompromising high standards. 

“If you know our standard, you don’t have to look anymore,” said Frank

Spice it Up

It’s easy to create special taste sensations with Four Seasons’ hundreds of spices from all over the world. Sold in bulk, the lack of excessive packaging results in a much cheaper price for spices here than can be found in supermarkets. 

Organic and non-radiated, these spices will achieve better flavor and maintain more of their nutritional aspects as well, explained Frank. 

Keep it Going

Picking up products that aid in digestion is always a good idea with a big Thanksgiving meal. The probiotics and enzymes in Four Seasons Saratoga Fermentorium line of naturally fermented pickles are a new option for your table this year. 

Rounding out your shopping trip with all natural cleaners and soaps, to ensure you and your guests are happy at home, or just grabbing that one thing that makes you feel truly thankful this Thanksgiving is easy at Four Seasons.

“People vote with their dollars. It feels like these little decisions don’t matter, but they do. It’s a huge force. It creates momentum,” said Frank.

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