Thursday, 16 May 2019 12:23

From the Publisher's Desk..."Tulip Tragedy Paints a Picture"

By Chad Beatty | Editorials

As you may have heard, recently several tulips were ripped out of the ground on a North Broadway property belonging to Michele Riggi.  While the tulips have been returned, albeit worse for the wear, emotional damage remains, and justice has not been served.

While this story has provided plenty of internet fodder, I stand with homeowners everywhere who have a right to assume that their property is THEIR property. 

When someone trespasses and destroys (or takes) your personal property, you feel violated. It doesn’t matter if you own a million-dollar mansion, a $100k starter home, or a working-class apartment. It is the same violated feeling. I remember a similar situation that happened to my house during my teenage years. My family and I felt violated, unsafe, hurt and angry.

Can Michele afford new tulips? Of course. But that is NOT the issue. Wrong is wrong regardless of the socio-economic status of the injured party. You can’t do ‘wrong’ and call it ‘right’ in the name of social justice.

Unfortunately, these stories are playing out in communities across America. People who feel they are ‘entitled’ to things that they didn’t earn. Perhaps these young ladies (who ripped the flowers out of Michele’s garden) felt they were ‘entitled’ to someone else’s flowers? 

News Flash: You are entitled to nothing. If you want it, go earn it. 

Case Closed.


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